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various mobile devices are used in business

by | May 22

Here is group project topic, Executive Summary and Introduction which recently has been done by your website.
Topic: Why mobile devices have grown their value in businesses.
Executive Summary
Of late, various mobile devices are used in business where they have gained a lot of value in industries. Businesses are operating well through the use of multiple mobile devices such as smartphones, laptops GPS devices and mobile applications (Agarwal, Benco & Williams, 2012). Many businesses prosper due to their implementation of mobile devices in their daily operations, thus increased value of the mobile devices in enterprises (Harris & Patten, 2014). In this report, we are going to focus on the reason why mobile devices have grown their value in businesses (Aijaz, Aghvami & Amani, 2013). At the end of this report, we should know the various mobile devises used in businesses and how they are applied in business. We should also know how capable mobile devices have been in their application within businesses (Camponovo & Pigneur, 2003, April). The information provided in this report has been gathered from secondary sources from various authors.
Mobile devices in businesses refer to portable handheld devices. There are innovative data storage, processing and display technologies that have enabled these mobile devices almost to do anything which was earlier done traditionally with more significant individual computers Aijaz et al., (2013). For various businesses, mobile devices have been an essential portion of daily business operations. IT managers who need to organize the employees must first know the different types of mobile devices, the reason as to why businesses implement these devices and the value or importance that come due to their implementation (Milligan & Hutcheson, 2008). IT managers have to familiarize themselves with numerous use cases to effectively know the benefits associated with the adoption of mobile devices in businesses Camponovo & Pigneur (2003, April). Currently, the mostly applied mobile devices in enterprises are tablets and smartphones, but there are also others like the laptops Agarwal et al., (2012). These devices have led to many benefits to businesses. Businesses are currently valuing the adoption of mobile devices in their daily operations which have made them operate effectively (Kornak, Teutloff & Welin-Berger, 2004). Therefore, the report focus will be on the reason why mobile devices have grown their value in businesses, that is the effectiveness of the adoption of mobile devices in enterprises.
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