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One of the fascinating and hilarious trips you can desire to have because the scenery in this town is a beauty to behold. This town is characterized by beautiful types of patterns and textures that you will find fascinating and great to have a look at. The arts and beauty of fashion are very crucial for you to experience after a culture trip because you will find the place with a lot of diverse fashion styles which are quite loved by the residents here.

The climate you will experience here is the Mediterranean type of climate which is majorly characterized by cool and rainy winters which are followed by a hot and dry summer. The hottest month you will notice by this culture trip is the month of July which will have an average temperature of about 25 degree Celsius and you will find that January is the coldest month here and the most days here have sunshine hours in the month of July. You will notice that at the northern side there are mountains which act as a shield to protect the city from chills of Arctic and during summer you will have a troubled stay here relatively due to the heat waves. The language you will come across here are their native Italian language, French, Spanish, and German. It is therefore important that your conformity to these languages is good so that as you interact with the residents here you won’t have difficulties in the communication. You will further notice that a proportion of about a third of the population can speak the Lombard language which can also be referred to as Insubric. Most of the religion that you will experience while here is the Roman-catholic religion hence if your religious faith conforms to this the stay will be fascinating and welcoming as you are likely to make a lot of friends. The other religions there, but you can expect to find in case your faith doesn’t belong to the roman-catholic religion are

Orthodox churches, Islam, Judaism, and Protestantism. The system of government you will find here is a republic government with a multi-party system. The Milan fashion style that you will expect to find after this cultural trip will provide you with an excellent view where this fashion style mainly ranges from Gucci, Fendi, Armani, and Pradi among other elegant styles which are mainly worn by most of the residents you will come across here.The fashion style here you will notice changes from season to season because the weather conditions here keep changing. You will notice the Milan residents here opting for shirts which are short sleeved and also opting for relaxed trousers making them have inspiring looks. While here in Milan, you will notice that menswear is a booming business here in Milan because you will come across stylish guys around the streets of Milan majorly wearing clothes around the fashions of Gucci and Armani. This fashion styles in Milan will make you have brimming and sartorial views in the Milan streets. Milan city is one of the world’s capitals with a rich fashion whereby the visit you will make here will be based on what type of fashion you wish to purchase. First, you will find out that here the unit of currency is the Euro which will make your purchases here a simple task. It is therefore important for you to conduct the necessary foreign exchange while on your maiden visit here in the Italian capital. The fashion style here will vary in terms of its price depending on the designers and you will realize that the different fashion style designers here have different prices which are not that high to attract the customers around. The city provides a Milan fashion tour hence if your trip to this Milan city coincides with this event then you will have a simple and easy purchase of the Milan fashion. This is because, during this tour, you can get an access to the different fashion styles at discounted prices where the prices are affordable. When you will be on the outskirts of Milan town, you will come across very large outlet malls where the fashion styles you need can be at discounted prices where the discounts may range from 30% to 70%.Major designers which you will come across here while in Milan are the Dolce&Gabbana designers, Massimo Giorgetti designers, Francesco Facchinetti designers and the Mauro Gasperi fashion style designers which you will notice concentrates majorly on the womenswear collections. This fashion style provided by Mauro Gasperi provides you with an elegant look which makes your look architectural and graphic hence your perfect choice while here in Milan. When you compare this fashion here in Italy you will notice some notable difference. It will come to your conclusion that the American fashion style is broader in culture and the U.S citizens are able to express themselves in different ways. For this Italian culture, it is more culture centered hence it will have relatively limited fashion expressions. This will form a judgment to you that the Italian fashion style really creates the true fashion intended whereby it brings out the intended true self with respect to your way of living. Majorly here in Milan, you will find that most of the residents prefer wearing fashion styles that conform to their weather. Their fashion style differs from that in America because you will notice the men and women here don’t embrace fashion styles with respect to their mind trends but majorly emphasize on the outlook to their body because of the deep-rooted cultural adherence you will come across here in Milan. The fashion designers here in Milan you will find that they have a similarity with the fashion designers in U.S.This is based on the fact that most of the residents here you will find wearing collections made by Dolce&Gabbana designers which is also a designer in United States. The outfits from these collections allow you to a high appreciation of your beauty where they are designed with a high craftsmanship to give you a smart look. Milan with a rich fashion background history you will find that it has a fashion week whereby several designers come and showcase their designer collections among the Italian citizens which allows them to get new customers from such exhibitions. The fashion week which is a trade show is held semi-annually in the city of Milan at different times of the year hence your trip here if it matches with the dates it can be a nice event you cannot afford to fail to attend. During the months of February/March annually autumn/winter fashion week event is held. You will also learn that during the months of September/October the fashion week the spring/summer event is held. This event you will find that the main genre involved here is clothing and fashion exhibitions and it is organized by a body in Milan called National Chamber of Italian Fashion. Some of the events you will find showcased by the Milan’s fashion week are Emilio Pucci and Fendi presentations among other Italian fashion houses. At these events, you will have a nice view of the designer collections because the events during this Milan fashion week provide you with fascinating and stunning silhouettes which will make your admiration to a particular fashion design increase greatly. The catwalks at these events can allow you get the real outlook of how the collections can fit your body once purchased. Between the fashion week in U.S and here in Milan you will note some notable deviations. This is because you will realize that each event both here in Milan and in United States is different majorly because the fashion styles are different and to some extent the fashion designers differ. It is therefore important for the organizers to create unique fashion weeks which you will find must adhere to the tastes and preferences for fashion in citizens here in Milan and in United States. The fashion schools where you can get some knowledge here in Milan are mainly centered in the private Institute of Marangoni which offers you with excellent courses in fashion, design and art. IED Moda is also an institution which offers you with excellent courses which range from fashion and design. In conclusion, a culture trip to Milan will provide you with an increased passion and like for fashion because the city is one of the richest cities in the world in terms of its diversity of cultured fashion styles. Your visit here will really be fascinating and quite educative



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