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Traffic Accident Reporting System

by | May 22

Traffic Accident Reporting System

Software Requirement Elicitation, Modelling and Design Document.

Client: Queensland Road and Transport Authority (QRTA)

Vendor: Rhys Cunningham S0147484

Due Date: Week6 Friday 2020 11.45p



1.1 Functional requirements 2

1.2 Non-Functional requirements 2


2.1 Architectural Design 3

2.2 Use Case Diagram 4

2.3 Class Diagram 5

2.4 Sequence Diagrams 6




SYSTEM REQUIREMENTSFunctional requirementsThe Traffic Accident Reporting System (herein referred to as TARS) has the following functional requirements:

When the system is launched it must obtain and maintain a successful connection to the database before user input is allowed.A failed connection to the database should be notified to the user.A user should be able to login to the system using their authenticated login details after a successful database connection.A unique identifier (plate number) for each vehicle should be entered.No duplicate entries with duplicate plater numbers should be allowed to be entered by a user.If a duplicate plate number is entered the user should be notified.Each vehicle entry must have the following values: ID (unique plate number), year, model, owner name, owner address, owner phone number.If any of the above values are not entered for a vehicle, that entry should be not be accepted and saved to the database.An entry for an invalid year should not be accepted.An entry for an invalid phone number should be not be accepted.A unique identifier (auto-generated) should be assigned to each accident.No accident should have the same identifier.Each vehicle associated with any accident should have an entry in the vehicle database.Multiple entries for vehicles involved in an accident must be allowed.A user should be able to search for a vehicle with the vehicle’s plate number.A user should be able to search for an accident with the vehicle’s plate number.A user should be able to search for an accident with the accident identifier.A user should be able to update a vehicle’s details.The vehicle’s plate number (identifier) should not be allowed to be updated.Non-Functional requirementsTARS also has the following non-functional requirements:

A user’s interaction with the system should be user friendly.The user should be notified with easy to understand errors/warnings.The system should not be unresponsive at any point during its use.The system should not crash at any point during its use.The system should run smoothly on any Windows Operating System.A connection to the database must always be maintained during operation of the system.All values must be stored in the database correctly.SYSTEM ARCHITECTUREArchitectural DesignFigure 1 below shows the package diagram in an MVP design showing all the classes involved:

Figure 1 Package Diagram

Use Case DiagramFigure 2 below shows the Use Case Diagram which shows the actors and the main functions of the TARS:

Figure 2 Use Case Diagram

Class DiagramOutlined below in Figure 3 is the UML Class Diagram which identifies the classes required for the TARS:

Figure 3 UML Class Diagram

Sequence DiagramsUpdate and Search sequence diagrams displaying the user interaction and different layers of the system can be found below in Figure 4 and Figure 5:

Figure 4 Sequence Diagram – Search

Figure 5 Sequence Diagram – Update

DATA DESIGNFigure 6 below provides the database table design with column names and types:

Figure 6 Database Table Design

INTERFACE DESIGNA GUI Design has been developed based on the use case and sequence diagrams. There are three GUI screens to the TARS shown below, which are; the Main Menu (Figure 7), Vehicle Information (Figure 8) and Accident Information (Figure 9).

Figure 7 Main Menu Screen

Figure 8 Vehicle Information Screen

Figure 9 Accident Information Screen

REQUIREMENTS MATRIXTable 1 below maps the requirement to action for each button and the inputs that are required for each:

Table 1 Requirements Matrix

Form NameRequirementButtonInputs RequiredMainMenuAction for VehicleVehicleNilAction for AccidentAccidentNilVehicleInfoAdds a New VehicleAddVehicleID, model, year, ownerName, ownerAddress, ownerPhoneNumberSearch for a VehicleSearchVehicleIDUpdate existing VehicleUpdateVehicleID, model, year, ownerName, ownerAddress, ownerPhoneNumberAccidentInfoAdd a New AccidentAdd VehicleLocation, Comments, VehicleIDsAdd a Vehicle to AccidentAddNilSearch for an AccidentSearchAccidentIDUpdate an AccidentUpdateAccidentID, Location, Comments, VehicleIDsThe post Traffic Accident Reporting System appeared first on My Assignment Online.



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