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topic and researching the ethical issue

by | May 21

Paper instructions by my professor: Colleen Farrell-Felici 1. Please begin by thinking of a topic and researching the ethical issue. Then write the paper. Use the below criteria which is the same as the requirements in the Syllabus. Complete the Final Paper save as a Word Document in your computer. Then to submit your completed Final Paper, click on Final Paper link, then click Browse your computer for your completed Final Paper word document, then press the submit button to submit. Content of Essay: This Essay must demonstrate your ability to apply a range of philosophical ethical perspectives (moral code) to a moral problem of your own choosing. 1. Pick a current ethical issue (anything that we discuss in class, discussion questions, assignments). (For Example, the Death Penalty) 2. Define and describe the moral issue. (For example, the Death Penalty and the Ethical Issue). 3. Describe and Analyze the arguments in the issue (both sides) You must present both sides of the issue. (For example, for the Death Penalty you must present both the Retentionist side and the Abolitionist side.) 4. State your position. Explain the reasons why you choose to act in such a way or why you choose to make your decision with this theory. Example: Are there particular consequences which you try to produce by acting in this way? Or, if there some deontological rule that you are attempting to satisfy? 5. Support your argument with research, analysis, etc. 6. State your ethical position that is consistent with your description of your behavior and its rationale. a. Example: I believe that my behavior is consistent with Utilitarianism because. . . The following rubric will be used to assess the quality of your Final Paper and related assignments. Results are posted in MyGrades. Ethics Paper Rubric A-Level Paper Content Writer has mastery of ethical theories and uses relevant and specific information that interests and inspires the reader. Significant thesis is clearly defined and supported with substantial information. Essay includes a wealth of details and examples. Critical Thinking Writer develops clear and often original connections between claims and support or evidence. Rationale is convincing and opposition is adequately addressed and/or countered. Writer uses source material to gain ground in proving argument. Organization – Essay has clear beginning, middle, and end. Introduction engages reader and delivers thesis; proportional body paragraphs are logically arranged, and transitions between them develop the idea and build its significance; conclusion emphasizes significance of the papers point and may leave reader with something additional to consider. Language, Grammar, and Mechanics – Use of complex sentence structures supports the complexity of the topic, leading the reader to deeper understanding of it. Sentences are skillfully constructed and varied. The paper is alive with vivid and accurate words. Grammar, punctuation, and spelling are exemplary. Writer demonstrates proper advanced punctuation, such as colons, semi-colons, double dashes, ellipses, and parentheses. APA Format Quotation and citation complete and properly punctuated in short quote and long quote formats. Sources introduced by title and author in text. Works Cited entries complete and properly formatted. Here are the topics for every week that we are going through. The paper must use an example from these terms such as Utilitarianism: Week 2 1/27/19 – Introduction to Ethics and The Role of the Majority View and Making Decisions Meaningful Discussion Question Week 3 2/3/19 – Ethical Relativism and Comparing Cultures See also Assignment No. 1 Week 4 2/10/19 – Egoism and Utilitarianism Chapters 3 and Chapter 4 (Considering Consequences) (Considering Moral Ideas) Discussion Question See also Assignment No. 2 Week 5 2/17/19 – Kants Moral Theory Chapter 5 and Powerpoint slides (Considering Obligations and Considering Moral Ideals) and Virtue Ethics Chapter 8 Discussion Question See also Assignment No. 3 Week 6 2/24/19 – MIDTERM Week 7 3/3/19 – Euthanasia and Abortion Discussion Question See also Assignment No. 4 Week 8 – 3/10/19- Legal Punishment and Violence, Terrorism & War Discussion Question See also Assignment No. 5 Week 9 – 3/17/19 Week 10 3/24/19 – Sexual Morality – Chapter 12 and Pornography Discussion Question See also Assignment No. 5 Week 11 3/31/19 – Economic Justice and Equality and Discrimination Discussion Question See also Assignment No. 6 Week 12 – 4/7/19 – Global Issues and Globalization and World Hunger Discussion Question See also Assignment No. 7 Week 13 4/14/19 Business Ethics My opinions for the paper (the student)
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