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This solution discusses in brief, the defition of pain and a broad categorization of different types of pain

by | Mar 26

What is pain? Are there different types of pain? How are they differntiated?

Often people want to know what happens when the body sends out painsignals. What is happening inside our body when we feel pain?

This solution describes the widely accepted definition of pain and the different types of pain that have been noted alongwith a brief description of the pathophysiology.

What are the different kinds of pain that you know about? Do you get pain when you cut yourself? And is there pain without any obvious sign of injury? Is there pain that comes with a long standing illness? Have you seen people with pain associated with a specific organ?

As we answer the above questions, we realise that there are different types of pain.

But first, what is pain? and why is it that some people seem to feel it more than others? Sometimes we see people poking needles into their body and yet they seem to feel no pain, while someone wince just at the sight of their pierced bodies.

Pain is described in various ways, as a protective mechanism to warn the body of injury (as in a runner who sprains his ankle and it hurts) , of possible danger (when you take your hand near fire, the burning sensation is also perceived as painful), and sometimes there is even pain from amputated parts, called Phantom pain (this type of pain occurs in people who have had an amputation, but still feel the lingering sensation of their limb and the pain associated with it.)

In 1979, the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) introduced the most …



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