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Temperature, Heat, and Pressure

by | Mar 26


  • Watch the video titled “Heat and Temperature Introduction” (2 min 30  sec) under the Temperature and Heat terms section of the Science  Corner. You can also view the video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1zOnyC4RgQD.  Next, describe the fundamental differences and similarities between  temperature and heat. Then, analyze how heat transfer occurs during the  processes of conduction and convection. Provide one (1) example of where  each occurs in natural physical systems.
  • Watch the video titled “USGS Gas Hydrates Lab” (6 min 44 sec) under  the Gas Hydrate terms section of the Science Corner. You can also view  the video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U46XOoU0DrM#t=12.  Next, explain the main reasons why pressure and temperature play a  critical role in the stability of gas hydrates. Identify at least two  (2) situations where methane hydrate deposits predominantly occur and  discuss the key challenge(s) in locating and harvesting methane hydrate  under each situation.
  • Suppose it is a very hot summer day and you want to cool your  kitchen. Unfortunately the windows and doors in your kitchen cannot be  opened. You have either a fan or a refrigerator to cool the kitchen.  Which do you believe would be more effective to cool the room? Explain  your answer then try testing your theory.


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