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students are expected to work independently

by | May 24

1The due date of this assignment is 23:59 Friday 22 May 2020.This is an individual assignment where students are expected to work independently on the assignmenttasks. The similarity of assignment answers will be checked in Turnitin. Any plagiarism, collusion andother dishonest behavior will be penalised subject to the university Academic Integrity Policy. You arehighly recommended:l not to share your document by any means with another student,l not to attend any private tutoring session on this assignment andl not to use any assignment help service from a third party.The teaching team is keen to help. Please do not hesitate to contact lecturers for support.In this assignment, you will study the dividend payout policy and its influence on stock price.Choose a mature firm from stocks on the ASX1 and make sure that the firm pays a dividend. Your tasksinclude:1. Explain and justify the criteria that you used to identify the mature firm and the growth firm.2. Calculate the dividend yields and dividend payout ratios of the firm in the last five years2. Explainhow the ratios are calculated3. Determine whether there has been a major change in the company’sdividend policy in the last five years and discuss the possible reasons why there is/isn’t a major change.3. Using the data of 2018 and 20194 to answer the following questions:(a) How frequently does the company pay a regular dividend?(b) What is the amount of the dividend?(c) By what date must your share be registered with the company in order to receive the dividend?(d) How many weeks later is the dividend paid?(e) To what extent are the dividends franked?1 For the students currently living overseas, please choose a mature firm listed on the stock exchange in yourhome country if it’s easier for you to get data.2 You can use either calendar year (2015 Jan to 2019 December) or financial year (2014 Jul to 2019 Jun) to setyour research window.3 If you are using the ratios calculated by a data vendor, you should provide the formula used by the data vendorand explain how each variable in the formula is represented by the real market data.4 2017 Jul to 2019 Jun if you are using financial years. 2018 Jan to 2019 Dec if you are using calendar years.24. Using the same data as in Part 3, examine the ex-dividend price movements. How big was the pricechange relative to the dividend? Calculate the effective dividend tax rates for each of the dividends.Critically analyse your observations by referencing to related finance theory.5. Using data for the last two years, report the price movement at the time of the dividendannouncements. How big was the price change (in %) relative to the change of the market index (in %)?Justify the size of the price change by referencing to related dividend policy theory.Format: Each of the questions should be clearly and concisely answered. You may directly add youranswer below the corresponding question. You are not recommended to present this assignment as areport, but it is acceptable if you choose to. Make sure to edit your assignment before submitting. Thefont, size, alignment, line space must be consistent throughout. Tables and diagrams should benumbered and captioned. You are expected to use tables and diagrams to summarise or emphasisefindings but the information in a table/diagram must be referred to and clearly explained in-text.Word limit: No less than 1000 to 1500 words, excluding the questions, tables, diagrams and thereference list. Please DO NOT attach any appendix to your assignment and DO NOT show unnecessaryworkings (i.e. a fully page Excel model) in your assignment.Referencing: Make sure to acknowledge your data resources appropriately. Citations and the referencelist must be prepared following Harvard style referencing. Use this link for more information onreferencing (http://libguides.mq.edu.au/referencing/Harvard). Please note you MUST use academicreferences (journal papers, textbooks, or other reviewed academic publications). Any reference toWikipedia, Investopedia, blogs or other similar open source websites will lead to a FAIL grade(i.e. below 2.5 marks) for your referencing part.The assignment must be submitted via Turnitin and the submission instruction will be available oniLearn in Week 11.No extensions will be granted. There will be a deduction of 10% of the total available marks made fromthe total awarded mark for each 24 hour period or part thereof that the submission is late (for example,25 hours late in submission – 20% penalty). This penalty does not apply for cases in which anapplication for special consideration is made and approved. No submission will be accepted aftersolutions have been posted.3Each question is worth 5 marks and an additional 5 marks will be awarded for the quality of presentationand referencing. The total mark will be scaled to be out of 25 marks, accounting for 25% of the coursetotal. The criteria below will be followed when marking the assignment:1. The extent and quality of critical reasoning/critical thinking2. The quality of written English.3. The demonstration of knowledge of relevant theory.4. The successful collection and interpretation of relevant data.5. The extent to which the work is clearly and concisely presented.1. Dividend information can be found on a company’s website.2. Share price information can be found in Yahoo Finance5.3. Macquarie university has a licence to Morningstar DatAnalysis premium database which has a richcollection of financial information for Australian listed companies. Please follow the linkhttps://login.simsrad.net.ocs.mq.edu.au/login?url=http://datanalysis.morningstar.com.au/af/dathome?xtm-licensee=datpremiumto reach the portal of the database. Alternatively, you can search DatAnalysis premium in MacquarieUniversity Library homepage to get the access link.4. Academic references can be found in ProQuest. Search ProQuest in database of Macquarie Libraryhomepage to get the access link.5 If you are doing a study on a Chinese listed company, please download share price data fromhttps://finance.sina.com.cn/stock/ or http://data.eastmoney.com/
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