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Sociology Topic: Single Parenting

by | May 27

Final Paper Assignment
This document is written to show you how to conduct a research and how to write about it.
Please make sure you follow all the guidelines in this handout. Please make sure you fully read
and understand this document.
Make sure your work:
Is properly cited. It does not matter what citation school (MLA, APA, etc.) you use, as
long as it is correct, I am fine with it. You do not need an abstract, even if your citation
guideline demands for it. However, you are always more than welcome to have an
abstract, it is just not mandatory.
Your paper must have in-text citation and a bibliography. None of the in-text citations or
the bibliography can be counted towards the word count.
Write anywhere between 2000 to 3000 words (I know what syllabus is saying!), use
Times New Roman font 12 with 1” margin for uniformity and convenience, and be left
Use between 6 to 8 scientific articles.
o Note: remember that materials from random websites (.com .org. biz. co.) do
not count. Make sure you use scientific peer-reviewed research (you can access
credible sources through Library’s website).
Introduction: Your introductory material should set up your topic for your audience. Briefly
summarize the background to your topic. Tell your audience why this topic is important in the
light of the background you just shared. In this paragraph you will bring any questions you are
trying to answer, or any problems you are trying to solve, or any troubles you are trying to shine
light on. Your thesis should come at the end of your introduction paragraph. Remember that
thesis is just a big fancy word for “the question,” or “the issue.” It simply means clarifying the
topic or the goal of the paper. If you are trying to answer a question for example, that question
is your thesis. It can be a position you take, a statement you make, or a question you contemplate.
Body: If it helps you, use subheadings where appropriate to separate different aspects of your
paper that supports your main idea (your thesis). That means you can have a subheading
Introduction, or Literature Review, or anything else. If you do not want to use subheadings, then
make sure your paper flows logically and without major problems. The body of your paper should
provide supporting evidence to back your thesis, in a logical, fully developed manner. It would
make your work really strong if you can incorporate a theoretical framework to support your
The body will also house your literature review which will be majority of your work. The body of
your paper is where you prove or disprove whatever it is you are trying to prove or disprove. You
will use the articles your read to draw your conclusion.
Note: You must show you are able to analyze the information you read in your articles and
prove or disprove them, not just repeat what you read in articles.
As the writer of a research paper you should synthesize the information you read from sources
and weave them into a well-ordered discourse, using the sources you identified throughout the
course as evidence to support your points. A paper which is just a string of quotes shows that the
author has made no attempts at coming to grips with the subject and is relying on the sources to
speak for her or him.
Conclusion: Your conclusion should make some “wrap up” statements about what you learned
about your topic and the possible impact of your findings on people and perhaps society in
general. Also, address any issues that may still not be resolved for you. Don’t be reluctant to
address any issues that are not easily resolved or have negative or ambiguous outcomes. I am
not necessarily looking for a neatly wrapped up conclusion with no loose ends. I am looking for a
conscientious, thoughtful look at some topic in your field. I am also interested in seeing how will
you shard major significance of this issue, and any unanswered questions you are still dealing
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