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Scientific articles

by | May 25

The student will submit a summary of 40 scientific articles related to material covered in the book.Summary criteria:

Locate two (2) scientific articles using vocabulary words from each of the Chapters listed on theTopic Outline.Tentative Topic OutlineChapter 1: Environmental InterrelationshipsChapter 2: Environmental EthicsChapter 3: Environmental Risk: Economics, Assessment, and ManagementChapter 4: Interrelated Scientific Principles: Matter, Energy, and EnvironmentChapter 5: Interactions: Environments and OrganismsChapter 6: Kinds of Ecosystems and CommunitiesChapter 7: Populations: Characteristics and IssuesChapter 8: Energy and Civilization: Patterns of ConsumptionChapter 9: Nonrenewable Energy SourcesChapter 10: Renewable EnergyChapter 11: Biodiversity IssuesChapter 12: Land-Use PlanningChapter 13: Soil and Its UseChapter 14: Agricultural Methods and Pest ManagementChapter 15: Water ManagementChapter 16: Air Quality IssuesChapter 17: Climate Change: A twenty-First Century IssueChapter 18: Solid Waste Management and DisposalChapter 19: Environmental Regulations: Hazardous Substances and WastesChapter 20: Environmental Policy and Decision MakingAppropriate sites for the articles include: Science and Nature (information from encyclopediasand textbooks are unacceptable)Each summary must be at least 3-4 paragraphs, double spaced using 12 pt Times New Romanfont with 1’ margins.Article title should be listed above summary (bold) and citation in APA format below the summary.A reference page is not needed since citations will be below articles



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