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Responding to Peers

by | Mar 26


Analyze their suggestions and compare their personal experiences with your own.  Discuss the outcome of your experiences, and whether their suggestions have worked or failed for you in the past.  Suggest additional activities and/or strategies that they might find helpful.


Peer 1

Brain Development

A child in the Child Development Center where I work struggled with peeing her bed and her parents not bathing her in the morning before dropping her off. She reeked of urine to the point where her classmates did not desire to play with her because of the smell. This child continued with this issue regardless of child abuse reports in place; and therefore had fewer interactions with her peers than other children (Lefrancois, 2012). The other children refused to be near her, so she did not receive the benefit of bargaining, sympathy, or what it means to help someone else through regular interactions. This child’s ability to develop problem-solving skills, compassion and perspective-taking began to decline until the child became a discipline issue Joinson, Heron, Emond & Butler, 2006). Staff resorted to many CPS reports and bathing this child with a washcloth and soap to relieve this block to her social development. After the third child abuse report; the parents withdrew this child from the center.

Unfortunately, there is little to nothing to prevent this occurrence and its resulting social consequences. Except for the use of adult night time diapers that cannot be easily seen when wearing clothing, and the use of a Dryness Tracker App.(“Impact of Bed Wetting,”2015) Utilizing a bedwetting checklist, a voiding diary, and alarm therapy progress tracker. Setting a time for the entire family to practice bladder training, so they understand what it feels like and support the child in making an effort to gain bladder control.

Peer 2

In the early childhood education field, there is an increase of children with a disability or developmental delay. I have a child in my class my class named Gary. Gary can not run like the other kids can because he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. He can walk but his walk is not sturdy.He often stumbles when he tries to run. When we go outside I usually let the children play rolling the ball or ball throwing and Gary participates and love it. When we play with a jump rope I would have Gary to just step over the rope instead of him jumping. The kids all love Gary and always help him do things. If you came in the class you would see Gary moving around and doing and not letting his disability get the best of him. ” People with cerebral palsy may struggle with a number of different challenges and limitations , and may assume they can not participate in sports.”(Cerebral Palsy and Sports : Adaptive Sports). 

Gary likes the little help but he likes to do a lot of things on his own. He is very independent. He loves when it is dance and movement time. I always let Gary play at the leg table.” Children usually like bright colors and big shapes . Sometimes with cerebral palsy.” ( Grono, Jessica,2017). Color sorting is another game that I let Gary do to enhance his fine and gross motor skills.



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