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Quiz #3 Instructions

by | May 25

No A**Hole Rule Part Two
Quiz #3 Instructions
Within this second portion of our study, some of the focus has shifted from looking at a**hole behaviors to some self-examination and your role in dealing with a**hole behavior. Drawing on all you have learned thus far in the course, please answer the following prompts to showcase your growing understanding of the topic of workplace incivility. Please note, it is important that you use terminology and understanding gained from your study and not just rely on experience examples…let the theory explain your examples.
1) During the first week of this course, you took the “Are you a Certified A**hole?” test as shown on pages 121-124 (remember that political savvy survey!). Your scores are given to you in the comments section of “Political Savvy Assessment” in the gradebook on Blackboard. Do you think your score is correct (remember, this is not scientific and in good fun)? Do you feel that you view yourself in the same way that others view you? Given your score, which of the five types of power do you see yourself being able to use most successfully when you enter your post bachelors degree job? Please answer in 100 to 150 words.
2) In Part One, you discussed working with someone who was an a**hole but was still successful in their job. How did you survive that experience? Please select two areas of survival discussed in Chapter 5 (such as Small wins or Pockets of Safety…basically the section titles) that you employed to survive that a**hole. Please construct TWO paragraphs, each roughly 100 to 150 words in length, which describes the tactic you used and how effective it was in surviving the a**hole. Again, please make sure to use material from the text and relate it to the description of your behavior.
3) Let us not be delusional: even those in the class who scored Zero on the Assessment can sometimes need to employ a**hole behaviors! In Chapter 6 we are offered a discussion on the virtues of being an a**hole and how sometimes it is necessary to exhibit these behaviors to accomplish that which we want. Pages 168-169 offer summaries of the Key Lessons to being an effective a**hole. Please discuss one example from your past in which you exhibited one of these five keys. As you recall, did you make a conscious decision to use this behavior or did it just happen? Please offer a 100-150 word discussion of your use of this action and whether or not you think it would be an effective tool for you to attempt to use in the future.
4) Within our first unit, you studied Empowerment, with particular attention to Randolph’s Empowerment Model. Do you think that someone who is an a**hole can participate in the empowerment process, either as someone who gets empowered or empowers others? Please offer a 100-150 word response. (Hint: this response is very open-ended and allows you freedom to explore your thoughts; however, please make sure to showcase you understand Randolph’s model and theory from the book).
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