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The individual will prepare a research paper discussing, in depth, a subject related to one of the topics covered in the course. The paper should be from 2,000 to 3,000 words in length (8-12 pages) and contain a separate title or cover page, abstract, and list of reference sources.


    The paper is expected to be authoritative, and based on at least 10 high-quality sources (i.e., no Wikipedia, newspaper, or web page citations allowed). Use the UMUC library to find relevant journal or respected trade publication articles for your report. The majority of reference sources should be from recent publications no older than five years. Follow the APA format (6th ed.) for the paper and for all citations, figures, tables, and the list of references. You may include in your paper any of the articles assigned as readings, as well as any other reference sources encountered during the course.  The style and content appropriate for an academic literature review can be seen in most scholarly journals found in peer-reviewed literature. Most articles will contain a section called, Literature Review.  Look over a few to get a feel for the general style of writing expected.

     The report should exhibit graduate-level writing, in terms of grammar, punctuation, format, quality of analysis, coherence, insight, logical flow, and reasoning. The paper is NOT an essay, how to, or opinion piece, it is to be a research report based fully on facts and data derived from appropriate sources in the literature. Provide a reference citation for EVERY statement of fact you include in your paper.  Do NOT string together direct quotes from reference sources to create a narrative in the report. More than three quotes within the paper will be too many. Write in your own words and include quote marks for ALL material copied from other sources.  Remember, a literature review tells what other experts and researchers have discovered, NOT what you know or think. Save your own opinions about what all the facts mean for the conclusion of the review.

Literature Review Individual Paper

Assignment Criteria:  Write a review of the literature that describes the findings of other researchers related to a specific topic in the Project Management field. Example Topics : Project Management, Project Integration Management, Project Scheduling, Budget Planning & Cost Management, Communication & Working with People, IT Project Management and  Project Closure & Quality Management

The objective of the research paper is to enable you to conduct independent academic research in an area directly related to the course subject matter. Your efforts will generate a high-quality written report summarizing the results of your research into the current scholarly and relevant trade literature related to your chosen topic. 

Part one Due 10/03/17

● Topic Proposal due (09/30/17)  Submit the topic proposal with the following contents to the assignment area for review by the instructor.

     1.  Present a tentative title for your topic. 

     2. Briefly describe how the topic relates to project management.  

     3. State a concrete, specific research question to guide your review of the literature.  (State the research question in true question format, not as an intention or objective)

     4.  List at least one suitable reference source in APA format related to your topic.  

Part two due 10/15/17

Note:  This is the followup assignment that is due during 10/15/17

 ● Deliverable: Literature Review due [100 points, 20% of course grade]: Class Week 10  —  Review the grading rubric for the assignment, then submit to the assignment area for review.

    1.  Title page and Abstract of the paper (Style according to the rules of the APA format.)

    2.  Final paper (Containing 8-12 pages, double spaced, 12 point font, one inch margins on all sides) 

    3.  References – List of every reference source cited in the paper (and only cited sources), entered in correct APA format. At least 10 sources should be listed and cited within the report.

FYI – your instructor will submit this assignment to Turnitin for review of originality. 



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