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MNG93211 – Managing Information Systems

by | May 20

MNG93211 – Managing Information Systems (online) – SP4 / 2018Assignment 1Due: Sunday 15 July 2018Length: 2,000 (definitely 2,000 words) wordsWeighting: 30%For this assignment you will have to prepare a paper that critically discusses how organisationsapply the strategic use of IS/IT to achieve IS/IT-enabled innovation.For the purposes of this assignment and this unit, IS/IT innovation should not focus on Apps,mobile devices, social media or similar aspects. If you are unsure, then consult your tutor.Some aspects and issues you may discuss in your paper could include (but are not limited to):

Discuss at least 4 examples of the use of IS/IT for innovation.Highlight some success factors or some lessons learned (i.e., what went wrong?) for yourexamples.Discuss the impacts of internal factors (e.g., organizational, individual, and managementfactors) and external factors (e.g., market, industry, social, economic, technological andpolitical/policy factors) on the success (or the failure) of IS/IT enabled innovation.Suggest recommendations and guidelines for helping organizations succeed in their effortsof embarking on using IS/IT for innovation with good explanation and discussion.

You should apply relevant knowledge discussed in your unit. You should prepare for thisassignment by reviewing the literature (i.e. by using ProQuest 5000 and Science Directdatabases at http://www.scu.edu.au/library/index.php/) and searching the World Wide Web (i.e. viaGoogle). You should show evidence that you have read at least 10 references, which must bepublished after January 2013, in the literature (including references from academic andprofessional publications) to prepare this assignment. A variety of references are expectedincluding books, refereed journals, case studies, newspapers, magazines and electronicreferences.Format for Assignment 1You will be marked on communication as well as content. This is done to emphasise theimportance of aiming for effective communication as well as good content – not only here in auniversity assignment, but also in your day-to-day work. After all, if you do not communicateand present your ideas well, it is much harder to have your ideas accepted by busy colleagues orexecutives.Your assignment should contain:

Title pageTable of contentsIntroductionMain body of report with suitable headings and subheadingsConclusionsReference listAppendices (if relevant).

References: Harvard Referencing Style is required in this subject. Please visit SCU Librarywebsite for information (URL: http://www.scu.edu.au/library/finding_info/citing_info.html). You canalso contact SCU librarians for assistance.Marking criteria for Assignment 1The following specific marking criteria will be used for marking Assignment 1:

Specific criteria

MC 1: Content – clearunderstanding of issues(20 Marks)
Critically discuss at least 4 examples of organisational attempts atachieving IS/IT enabled innovation.

Critically discuss the success factors and lessons learned

Critically discuss the impacts of internal and external factors on thesuccess (or the failure) of IS/IT enabled innovation

Suggest recommendations and guidelines for helping organizationssucceed in their efforts of embarking on using IS/IT for innovation withgood explanation and discussion

MC 2: Quality(3 Marks)
Quality of content (use of study materials; use of proper terminology;depth; originality)

MC 3: Use of multiple sources ofinformation and Referencing(4 Marks)
Good research effort evidenced by at least 10 references from a varietyof sources; Good integration of references into your discussion; Properpractice of in-text citation and provision of all the cited references inthe reference list via applying Harvard Referencing Style

MC 4: Communication andPresentation(3 Marks)
Good structure of the report; Professionally formatted and presented;Being able to clearly express ideas; Clarity of communication with goodflow, reasoning and argument; Concise but not over simplifying;Spelling and grammar (use of spell-Checker!)

Total marks

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