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Metrics like Building Council of Australia (BCA)

by | May 26

Anintroductiontothebroaderissueoftheimpactofthebuiltenvironmentontriplebottomlinesustainabilityconsiderations.Makesurethatyoustatetheintentofthereportintheintroduction.Yourdefinitionofsustainabledevelopment.Anoverviewonmetricsformeasuringsustainabilityoutcomes,includingwhatyourecommendusingtoevaluatethisproposeddevelopment.Youshouldincludeadiscussionofminimumbuildingcoderequirement.Metrics like Building Council of Australia (BCA)? yesOverview of metrics in relation to energy, water, and materials? yesminimumbuildingcoderequirement in relation to energy, water and materials? yes

WhatisAustralianandinternationalbestpracticeforadevelopmentlikethis?YouwillneedtodefinewhatismeantbybestpracticeandintroduceanAustralianandinternationalcasewithwhichyoucancomparetheproposeddevelopment.Best practice means best sustainability practices in relation to energy, water and materials? Be Holistic, you could consider other practices too.Our case study is a mixed use building so find case studies of mixed use buildings that exists internationally and in Australia. Compare these both case studies with the proposed development in relation to best sustainability practices? Predominantly residential is also fine if you are not able to find mixed use case studies.Presentanintroductiontothecasestudydevelopmentsite.Site analysis? Where? Size, whats nearby, transport, site aiming to doWhat else could be added?Assesstheproposeddesignagainstenvironmentalsustainability,economicsustainability,socialsustainability,andlifecyclethinking.Withinthesedomainsyoushouldalsomakesurethefollowingarecovered: i. Energy ii. Wateriii. MaterialsAssess the existing design of the case study against the above-mentioned criteria in relation to energy, water and materials? Make assumpinstion wherever possible if you are not able to find information.How many words or what’s the limit for this section? No limit, as far as you cover all the points in the brief, its fine.ComparetheproposeddevelopmenttotheAustralianandinternationalbestexamples.(Note:youmaywanttouseasustainabilitymeasure/indexheretodotheevaluationsuchasGreenStarorBESS).Didn’t we already cover this in point D (Comparison of Australian and international best practices)? Yes , you can have it together.Either of the evaluation method is fine or do we have to evaluate using both green star and BESS? One is fine, or any other tool. Provide justification for which one you are using and evaluate the building.RecommendationsThis is where you propose changes to the design and not in the previous parts? yesThe recommendations could include implementation of passive and active design strategies like building orientation, installation of panels, changing materials, using energy efficient system, etc.? reflection on what is implemented, if you are adding panels, mention cost of those.If you are changing the location of certain building by placing them in a different place or swapping location, you must provide an updated drawing?Can we hand sketch the updated drawing? Not necessary but need to include when needed

SummaryBasically, the conclusion is to cover all of the key points that is covered in the report? Yes, its your conclusion.
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