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Land-Based Empires from 1450 to 1750

by | May 21

How did various land-based empires develop and expand from 1450 to 1750 and why?

GUNPOWDER EMPIRES● Large states that depended on gunpowder to expand their empire● RUSSIA, OTTOMAN, SAFAVID, MUGHALEUROPE● Printing press led to increase of literacy● New monarchies were centralizing power○ Previously it had been decentralized○ Methods were taxation, military (standing armies) and religion● Tudors, Valois, Ferdinand and Isabella were new monarchs● Russia…Ivan III, Ivan IV and Peter the Great○ Expanded by kicking out mongols○ Created special police force (oprichniki)○ Peter wanted to Westernize Russia and created the city of St. PetersburgEAST ASIA● Ming restored the civil service exam● Qing took over after the Ming and even though they were not ethnically Chinese, they heavily used the civil service exam because of the power of the ruler in ConfucianismCENTRAL ASIA to SOUTH ASIA● Legacy of Tamerlane, who had taken over the Ilkhanate● His empire collapsed and made new empires:○ Ottoman (SUNNI)■ Mehmed II conquered Constantinople with gunpowder■ Suleman the Great tried to get into Europe○ Safavid (SHI’A)■ Ismail made Islam official empire and used gunpowder■ Shi’a Islam○ Mughal (SUNNI)■ Babur conquered Northern India■ Established centralized empire■ Akbar the great
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