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Internal Control Assignment

by | May 22

Part 1 You must pick a company that you have worked for and write THREE paragraphs in Word. In the FIRST paragraph, tell a little about the company you are writing about. In the SECOND paragraph, you are to write about one control activity that you observed in your business and categorize it using this list from the text and from classroom lecture and discussion about control activities: • Separation of duties (custody, recordkeeping, authorization, and review/verification) • Personnel policies (drug testing, screening of new employees, adequate and detailed training, competent supervision, fidelity bonding, mandatory vacations, written job descriptions) • Physical and electronic access controls for safeguarding assets (physical assets, information, and software) • Proper authorization • Adequate documents and records (control numbers, audit trail) • Separate/independent verification These control activities are discussed briefly in the text (pp. 328-331, 4″‘ ed.) and were discussed more in detail in class. Your coverage of the control activity should consist of categorizing it as one of the physical controls listed above, and then providing a thorough description of the control activity in your business, an explanation of what damage or risk to the business is avoided because of the control, and your evaluation of the effectiveness of your business’s specific control. The THIRD paragraph should focus on a weakness in the control activities of your place of work that found. You should indicate the type of physical control that is weak or missing, and then describe the weakness, what damage or risk the business is exposed to because of the weakness, and your recommendation of what the company should do to correct the weakness. Feel free to keep your company’s name secret or change it, if you want it to be confidential.Please submit your writing via Blackboard to the instructor on the due date
Main data file for assignment (SPSS file) – YOU MUST EXAMINE THIS FILE FIRSTThis file contains all the detailed descriptions of variables and values labels. Variables beginning with In refer to natural logarithms, e.g. Ininc (“Log-income”) is the natural logarithm of income (“Household income in thousands”). The last three variables are positive attitude to offers for the mobile credit card, mobile loan and car insurance respectively. Assume that the discount rate is 8.8% and that the net profit margin is 10%.Data for assignment (CSV file) – Examine Variables in SPSS before Opening this FileDO NOT START WITH THIS FILE. Descriptions and labels for items are in the SPSS file. If you import into SAP don’t forget to set value, value type, and missing values in the Data Description. This data can be read into R for neuralnet. However, consider editing the variables first and saving a new file with the selected variables beforehand.Data for Assignment (Associations) (CSV) – for analysis in RThis contains associations for most binary variables. This data can be read into R as transactions for arules and arulesViz. However, consider editing the variables first and saving a new file with the selected variables. Save the file by clicking on it and then Save As to a location you will use. In R use File-> Change Dir to change to this location. Read into R with: library(arules) p4<-read.transactions(“assoc_p4.csv”,format=”basket”,sep=”,”) The data set is called p4. Check is is loaded with: summary(p4)Associations between Product Features (CSV) – for Analysis in RFor example, this file has only the 10 product features selected and saved. Read into R with: p4<-read.transactions(“assoc_p4features.csv”,format=”basket”,sep=”,”)
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