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Internal and External factors Affecting Healthcare Organizations

by | Mar 26

How internal and external factors affect an organization, and how to respond appropriately to those changes
The use of planning in an organization.

The health industry is a very dynamic environment (Ledlow & Coppola, 2014). Healthcare organizations are faced with many challenges. The leadership in an organization coupled with teamwork will make all the difference in meeting those challenges. A constant evaluation process is needed to identify all factors affecting the working success of an organization. Various influences may affect the success of an organization. These generally fall within one of two categories. The first being internal and the second being external.

Looking at internal challenges several factors immediately become evident. First, what is the purpose of the organization? Is the organization staffed and equipped to meet the mission of the organization? When considering the internal environment, one must direct attention to human resource management. Are the departments adequately staffed? Is the current staff trained to meet the demands of work environment? Another important part in staffing is providing opportunities for employee growth. An unchallenged employee will become bored. This loss of interest will be reflected in job performance. Likewise, without sufficient educational updating the organization will fall behind competitors in services offered. Most importantly, without constant evaluations the organization will loose opportunity to enhance community standing. Community perspective surrounding the organization will drive the success or failure of the organization.

Other factors to consider when looking at the internal environment include the supply chain, …

The field of healthcare is a dynamic and ever changing environment. For this reason, constant evaluations and planning must take place within healthcare organizations. This document addresses multiple factors, both internal and external, that impact the success of a healthcare organization.



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