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Inheritance – Lab

by | May 26

Hello, I need help for this JAVA homework :
Inheritance – Lab
You are a programmer in the IT department of an important law firm. Your job is to create a program that will report gross salary amounts and other compensation.
There are three types of employees in your firm:
· Programmers· Lawyers· Accountants
Your computer-based solution will use inheritance to reflect the ‘general-to-specific’ nature of your employee hierarchy.
Common attributes for all employees are:
· Name
· SalaryAttributes for specific employee types are:
· Lawyers:Stock options earned (type int)
· AccountantsParking allowance amount (type double)
· Programmers:Bus pass (type boolean)
The three specific classes of employees should extend the abstract Employee class (nobody is a generic employee) and implement their own reportSalary() method.
The pay schedule is:o Employees earn the base salary of $40K per yearo Accountants earn the base employee salary per yearo Programmers earn the base employee salary plus $20K per year o Lawyers earn the base employee salary plus $30K per year
o Each subclass of Employee must implement its own reportSalary() method. The specific implementations of reportSalary() are limited to a printed line:
System.out.println(“I am a lawyer. I get “ + getSalary() + “, and I have ” + getOptions() + “ shares of stock.”);
System.out.println(“I am an accountant. I make “ + getSalary() + “ plus a parking allowance of “ + getParking());
System.out.println(“I am a programmer. I make ” + getSalary() + ” and I” + ((getBusPass())?” get a bus pass.”:” do not get a bus pass.”));
o Salaries for specific types of employees are in addition to the base employee salary. Raising the base employee salary should automatically raise salaries for all types of employees (hmmm…).
o An object of the ‘Employee’ class cannot be instantiated because it would be too general.
o Attribute(s) that belong to a super or sub class should be initialized in the corresponding class constructor.
Task 1:Setup a class hierarchy to accurately reflect the relationships in your law firm.
Task 2:Create a driver program that will create employee objects and report salaries for your company’s employee base:
(your name goes here) – Will E. Makit –
Ivana Killmen – Luke N. Dimm – Eileen Dover –
Bill Cheatem – Joe Kisonyou – Seymore Butts –
No bus pass Bus pass
11 shares signing bonus 0 shares signing bonus 100 shares signing bonus
Parking allowance – $ 17.00 Parking allowance – $ 45.50 Parking allowance – $ 2.50
Print your code listing and submit on paper.
Thank you.
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