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HOTL5002 Assessment Three

by | May 24

HOTL5002 Assessment ThreeSession One 2020Case StudyTopic: Voluntary Administration (financial collapse) of Virgin Australia Airlines(Virgin) and implications for hotel leadersYour task: Read the attached source materials AND read and research widely thedecision of Virgin to go into voluntary administration on 21 April 2020.Research between 4 and 6 academic sources (peer-review) articles that areon-topic and relevant to leadership theory. If applicable, you may use somesimilar leadership sources from assessment two, however, do notcopy/paste sections from assessment two into this assessment task.This assessment is focused on leadership theory applicable to the situation.Answer the following questions. There is no need for an ExecutiveSummary, Introduction, Conclusion, Recommendations – each question isseparate, and the marks allocation is nominated below.Total Word Length: 1,500-1,700 words (excluding Reference List).Assessments outside this word range face a penalty.Please clearly indicate the start of each answer with the Question Number(question information not required)Question 1 List the five major shareholders of Virgin Australia Airlines? (Virgin) (2marks)Question 2 Define voluntary administration? (3 marks). [approximately 100 words]Question 3 Critically examine the leadership role of the Australian (Federal)Government – what their attitude in recent weeks has been, e.g. whenVirgin sought a $1.4 Billion bailout.a. which stakeholders did they consider in arriving at a decision? (5marks)b. What did the Federal Government refuse this request? (5 marks)c. What leadership style or styles did the government officials reflect? (5marks)[Total length for Question 3 = approximately 500 words]Question 4 Critically examine the leadership role of Sir Richard Branson, the founderand Chairman of the Virgin Group. He has criticised the Australian(Federal) Government) for ‘not bailing out his airline’.a. Do you think this was an appropriate response? Justify your comments.(5 marks).b. What leadership behaviours has Branson exhibited in dealing with thiscrisis? (5 marks).[Total length for Question 4 = approximately 500 words]

Question 5
a. What are implications for hotel CEOs/General Manager of the potentialfull collapse of Virgin Airlines? Be specific in your response. (6 marks)

b. What leadership behaviours need to be exhibited by hotel leaders in theface of the Virgin collapse (4 marks)[Total length for Question 5 = approximately 500 words]Due Date: The original submission date of Monday 18 May has been moved back toFriday 22 May 9am. Everyone, therefore, has received an extension. Nofurther extensions unless documented serious medical issues/unforeseencircumstances that are verified.

Submit in a Word document (no PdFs), using Australian English, one and ahalf line spacing. Ensure you proofread the work for spelling, grammarand expression. A signed cover sheet must be submitted.Academic integrity is paramount. Assessments that contain plagiarismand/or reflect contract cheating will be penalised.All information used to support answers needs accurate SCU Harvard



intext citations.Reference ListThere will be between four and six peer review articles AND secondarysources, such as newspaper articles, government and industryarticles/websites.Place on a separate page, provides accurate bibliographic details for theintext citations using SCU Harvard.
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