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Assessment Details and Submission Guidelines

T1 2020

Unit Code

Unit Title
Business Research Project

Assessment Type
3. Group* Report on Research Design and Methodology (including statementof ‘who wrote which sections’)

Assessment Title
Business Research Design and Methodology

Purpose of theassessment (with ULOMapping)
The purpose of this assessment is to ensure each student is able to contribute to theconstruction of a written report demonstrating their understanding of the businessresearch paradigm, appropriate methodology, and required (proposed) data collection,analysis and interpretation.A brief presentation in-class may be requested by your lecturer.Matches to Unit Learning Outcomes 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

30 % of the total assessments

Total Marks

Word limit
2500 words (plus revised literature review, only if requested)

Due Date
Friday of Week 10S

 All work must be submitted on Blackboard by 12 midnight on the due date, alongwith a completed Assignment Cover Page. [if no cover page your mark will beeduced -20%] The assignment must be in MS Word format, 1.5 spacing, 12-pt Arial font and 2 cmmargins on all four sides of your page with appropriate section headings,paragraphing, and page numbers. Reference sources must be cited in the text of the report, and listed appropriatelyat the end in a reference list, all using Harvard referencing style.

* Note: Students are required to form groups of 3 or 2 students per group and notify their lecturer in writing,indicating the students’ names and Holmes student numbers. You may request approval from your lecturer toundertake this assignment individually, i.e. to form a group of 1. You will not be able to submit your assignmentunless you are in a designated group.Assignment 3 SpecificationsPurpose:This unit aims to give you an opportunity to combine many facets of your acquired MBA skills into theproduction of a high-quality research report.Page 2 of 3HI6008 BUSINESS RESEARCH PROJECT – ASIGNMENT 3 – BUSINESS RESEARCHPROJECT REPORTAssignment 3 – the Research Design and Methodology – is to ensure each student is able to contribute to theconstruction of a written report demonstrating their understanding of the business research paradigm,appropriate methodology, data collection, analysis and interpretation.You will ideally work in a group of up to 3 persons. Your respective contributions will be governed by yourTeam Charter, which you produced at the same time as your Topic Approval submission. Additionally, youare required to append to this report a statement indicating ‘who wrote which sections’.This assessment builds upon your Literature Review (assessment 2) in that you are now aware of whatadditional data is needed to lead you to the answer to your research question(s) (as defined in TopicApproval (assessment 1). To discover the required data may require you to search for additional secondarydata, and will most probably also require the collection of primary data, by applying qualitative orquantitative methods. In this assessment you will document what your team has decided as the mostappropriate way forward. If you choose a quantitative approach, you will go ahead and state yourhypothesis, how you intend to verify it, what data you need, how it can be collected and analysed. [Notethat you are NOT required to actually obtain primary data]. If you choose a qualitative approach, you will goahead and decide which method is appropriate, how you would design the questionnaire (include a fewexample questions), and state how you would collate and interpret your data. [Note that you are NOTrequired to actually obtain primary data].Your lecturer will LEAD and FACILITATE you through the process, week by week. The learning will beprogressive, so for best results you will need to be in weekly contact with your lecturer during class time atyour campus.Only if you were requested to revise and resubmit your Literature Review should you append it to thissubmission.This submission does require an appendix in which it is stated which members of the group actually wrotewhich sections of the Business Research Design and Methodology.Assignment Structure should be as the following:1. Introduction (an edited and adjusted version of your topic approval) including a justification for yourresearch question(s).2. A detailed research methodology addressing the qualitative-quantitative debate, hypothesis (ifappropriate), additional secondary data, proposed primary data sample size and sampling approach,questionnaire design factors (include some sample questions), data collection method, envisagedanalysis and interpretation.3. A summary of your findings OR what you would expect to find4. A conclusion (relating back to your original research problem and question(s))5. List of references in Harvard style (only for sources mentioned in this submission)6. The appended statement of ‘Who wrote What’Note: You may request your lecturer to allow you to undertake a business project, company-specificconsultancy, or business planning project. Permission may be granted by the lecturer to this effect inconsultation with the Unit Coordinator and Degree Convenor. In that case the Assignment Structure andMarking Criteria may differ, as directed by the lecturer.Page 3 of 3HI6008 BUSINESS RESEARCH PROJECT – ASIGNMENT 3 – BUSINESS RESEARCHPROJECT REPORTHI6008 Assignment 3 – Research Design and Methodology – Marking Rubric

Very Good

Report Layout andFlow(7)
Report creates anexcellent overallimpression
Report creates avery goodoverallimpression
Report createsa good overallimpression
Report creates asatisfactoryoverallimpression
Unprofessional orconfusing

Introduction[take into accountimprovements madesince topic approval](3)
Excellent – clear, concise, compellingread
Satisfactory introduction
Insufficient rigour

Methodology –Research Design(7)
Ample evidence ofadvancedunderstandingregarding researchdesign
Evidence of verygoodunderstandingregardingresearch design
Evidence ofgoodunderstandingregardingresearch design
Satisfactoryunderstandingregardingresearch design
Missing or confusing

Methodology –Example Questions(3)
Example questionsare excellent, withan indicative rangeof purposefulquestions
Examplequestions arevery good, witha range ofpurposefulquestions
Examplequestions aregood, withpurposefulquestions
Examplequestions aresatisfactory,
Missing or confusing

Methodology – Data(7)
Excellentunderstanding ofsampling, datacollection, analysisand interpretationrelevant to thisresearch
Very goodunderstandingof sampling,data collection,analysis andinterpretation
Goodunderstandingof sampling,data collection,analysis andinterpretation
Satisfactoryunderstandingof sampling,data collection,analysis andinterpretation
Missing or confusing

Expected Findings andConclusion(3)
Excellent indicationof how expectedfindings link toliterature reviewand researchproblem andresearchquestion(s)
Very goodindication ofhow expectedfindings link toliterature reviewand researchproblem andresearchquestion(s)
Goodindication ofhow expectedfindings link toliteraturereview andresearchproblem andresearchquestion(s)
Satisfactoryindication ofhow expectedfindings link toliteraturereview andresearchproblem andresearchquestion(s)
Missing or confusing

Total Marks (30)

Note to lecturer: No Cover Sheet -20%. No statement of ‘Who Wrote What’ -20%Note: In the event that your project report was approved to be based on a business project, company-specificconsultation, or business planning project, the Marking Rubric may differ. Such projects will be marked by the lecturerusing appropriate criteria. Please be sure to inform them in person if you vary from the standard format.
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