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Paper details:


Write an essay which answers these three questions about a past game changer:

Why was it a game changer? (i.e. What did it change?)           ANDWhat were the conditions at the time which made it possible for it to succeed?AND Why did it have a lasting impact (not just a short-term impact)?Preparation:

Decide on a topic thatmostinterests you.Find some articles/sources on this topic.You cannot use those topics: internet, light bulbs, industrial robots, assembly line, barcodes, superconductors, personal computers, integrated circuits, liquid crystals, oil, iphone and indoor plumbing

Topic:  ??

total: at least 600words

Introduction (115words)

Three body paragraphs (expository paragraph) (each 125words)


Introduction: no need reference

1st expository paragraph: Why was it a game changer? (i.e. What did it change?) one reference or no need

2nd expository paragraph:  what were the conditions at the time which made it possible for it to succeed? One reference or no need

3rd expository paragraph: Why did it have a lasting impact (not just a short-term impact)? One reference or no need

Conclusion: no need reference

The whole essay at least has two references

Academic Literacy Focus

Introduction and Conclusion

It is worth taking a lot of care in constructing the introduction and the conclusion of any piece of writing. Readers gain their first impression of an essay from its introduction. They need to know what your main point is, and the introduction should make this clear. The conclusion leads readers out of the essay, and leaves them with a final impression. Both these parts of an essay, then, are very important.

Writing an expository paragraph (1) – The topic sentence

The kind of paragraphs we are interested in writing on this course are expository paragraphs. This is writing which explains (‘exposes’ or ‘sets out’) something. Expository paragraphs should be well-organized and well-developed.

A paragraph in a piece of expository writing usually consists of three parts.

1st part: topic sentence (introduction of what paragraph is about) + controlling idea

2nd part: Elaboration of controlling idea, explanation, examples, evidence

3rd part: concluding remark, brief summary


Writing an expository paragraph (2) – Development

As you know, expository paragraphs should be well-organized and well-developed.

An expository paragraph begins with a topic sentence, which states the focus of the paragraph. The focus consists of the topic, and the controlling idea.There are five common ways of organizing this kind of paragraph, and the structure is set up in the topic sentences.Explanation of significance

Cause – Effect

Problem – Solution

General to Specific

Comparison and Contrast

Important as well!!!

The paragraph then develops the controlling idea with details, definitions, examples, and so on.An expository paragraph should be unified. This means that all sentences must support the controlling idea.The best way to achieve paragraph unity is to plan your work carefully.Identify your topic and controlling idea; write a topic sentenceUnder your topic sentence jot down facts and ideas which you think might support your controlling idea.Before you continue, check that your controlling idea is both reasonable and supportable. Is it true? Is it broad or too specific for development? If there is a problem, deal with it now.Choose the items from your list which directly support the controlling idea, and write sentences for them. (primary support)Identify the items which will further develop this support which additional information. They might provide details, or explanations, or examples. In this way they indirectly support the controlling idea. (secondary support)Two supports controlling idea

Language focus

Step1: Express the topic and the controlling idea as nouns or noun phrases – nominalization

For example:

The textbook causes frustration. (A single noun)

Learning causes frustration.  (A gerund)

Learning through memorization causes frustration. (A noun phrase)

Step2: Choose a pattern of organization

As you know from the Academic Literacy Focus, there are five common ways of organizing an expository paragraph, and the structure is set up in the topic sentence.

Explanation of significanceCause – EffectProblem – SolutionGeneral to SpecificComparison and ContrastStep3: Choose an appropriate verb/sentence pattern

For example:

Pattern of organization          verb/sentence pattern

Explanation of significance   become, contribute to, have an impact on

Cause – Effect              make, transform, drive, cause, result in

Problem – Solution         resolve, reduce, increase, change, prevent

General to Specific        …all.., but some/one/a few..[bigger group]                       and this is especially true for [small group]

Comparison and Contrast.  Share, differ, although…,…[past], but                 [now]…compare to…

Step4: Choose the right tense/type of modality and make sure it agrees with the subject


Graduating from university has become a minimum requirement for many jobs.


You are writing for an academic audience.


Your paragraphs should be well-developed. Each body paragraph should have a topic sentence with a clear controlling idea. The controlling idea should be elaborated with explanations, and/or details, examples, and so on.


You must find and read, or listen to appropriate sources of information about your game changer:

You must use information, correctly cited, from these sources to support your ideas. Each citation must be a paraphrase or a summary of the original source. Do not use quotations. At the end of your essay you should write a List of References / Bibliography. This is a list of all the sources which you cited in your essay.

Mark range high:7

Task fulfillment, coherence and cohesionVocabulary range and accuracyGrammar range and accuracy 7 Your essay is interesting and insightful, and the organisation is skillful.·         Your content is very clearly focused and is entirely relevant and substantial.·         The way that you develop your ideas is logical and balanced.·         Your ideas hold or stick together well and the development of your ideas can be followed very easily.·         You have managed paragraphing skillfully.·         Each paragraph is well-balanced in terms of both content and organisation.·         The introduction and conclusion frame the main point very clearly and summarise the main point clearly.·         All citations are very well chosen to support a point, very well paraphrased, and very effectively integrated into the paragraph. Your use of vocabulary is very good.·         You use a wide range of vocabulary appropriately and with some precision. This range includes idiomatic and academic vocabulary.·         You have only made a couple of minor errors or ‘slips’. Your use of structures is very good.·         You accurately use a wide range of grammatical structures.·         You use an academic style.·         You have only made a couple of minor errors or ‘slips’.Example essay:
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