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by | Mar 26

 What is your concept of writing? How does it work? What do you know about it? What is its purpose? How do you write? (2 full-3 pages, double spaced: Print one copy for class and Upload to Google Classroom) Please answer these first five questions and expand on them as much as possible. Don’t just write, “I think writing is difficult.” Elaborate on why you believe writing is hard and give good solid examples. This piece should be written with a formal tone with a logical structure.

Here are ADDITIONAL questions about writing to consider:
What kind of writing do you do the most often? the least often? Why what kind do you enjoy the most? Why? Do you write and/or read for pleasure? What do you write? What do you read? Do you have a favorite book, poem, author? How do you feel about writing? What do you think are your strongest points? Weakest points? What experiences have affected your learning how to write? What has helped you the most? The least? What about your education in writing? Before college? At college? What is the hardest for you in writing? What is the easiest? Do you like to write? Hate to write? Where do you like to be when you write? What time of the day? Do you use a word processor, a favorite pen or pencil? A special kind of notebook or pad? What is your perfect writing situation? How often do you get it? Do you usually write more than one draft? If you do, how would you say your drafts differ? What kinds of things do you change, add, or revise? Do you find the beginning of something you writer hardest to get “just right,” or the end? Do you show what you write to friends and fellow students? How do you feel about this? What do you get out of it? Do you ever read other people’s writing? What’s that like? If you’ve not does this kind of thing much, how do you think you’d feel about it, and why? 



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