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follow the questions below.

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Please observe a YouTube or Facebook.

(Please observe one person and observe.)

and Please read and follow the questions below.

Using Communicative Ethnographic tools to study relationships and interactions on the internet.

Each Communicative event is made up of components that can be summarized through the acronym S.P.E.A.K.I.N.G. these are the content and context of the event.

You should complete this list for your fieldwork study with many details.

S – SETTING – time, place, physical aspects of the setting, for example the arrangement of the furniture, the characteristics of the room, the nature of the site the arrangement of the encounters, etc.

P – Participant Identity – the age, sex, status, and relationship of the participants.

E – End – In this context the end means the purpose or reason for the speech event it also refers to the individual’s goals for the speech event. So here you would give the general purpose and then each individual’s purpose as stated by the individual and or as implied. If it is implied you should explain why.

A – Act Sequence – How speech acts are organized and topics addressed the norm of interaction in this venue.

K- Key – this is the tone or manner of what is said or written be specific give details and explain why you are identifying the tone and manner in a specific way.

I – Instrumentalities – or linguistic code, dialect, variety, channel spoken or written.

N – Norm – the standard socio- cultural rules of interaction and interpretation.

G – the type of event, for example, a lecture, a poem, a letter, an email, a text, a post and so on. These features are interrelated and some may be more important than others in a particular event. But you should be able to identify each component even if they are interconnected. 



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