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Get Custom essay help at a cheap price in our website. This section addresses all queries you may have about our rocket fast Essay writing help, and all services. If you have any questions, you are welcome to use the Live chat feature on the bottom right of your screen.

How Does Essay Smiths work?

Essaysmiths helsp students with reliable and cheap essays 24/7. Our services also include an online tutoring and help system; here students can register and post their academic questions for clarifications and tutoring on specific topics. Tutors are available to pick up the questions on the topic of their expertise. They provide online tutoring, clarification and guidance on the questions asked by the students. However, for this assistance and tutoring, they charge a price.

The agreement on price is 2 sided. First the student, while posting the question indicates aproximately how much they are willing to pay for the help. In turn, the tutors also specify the price they believe should be paid based on the effort involved on the tutorial. Finally, it is the student’s decision whether to purchase the tutorial for the said price. Otherwise, they can opt not to purchase it.

If required, the tutor and student can use the messaging system to negotiate on the price as well as the timing for the tutorial. They can also use the messaging system to seek clarifications from each other.

Alternately, a student can opt to buy any existing tutorial available on the website. It is possible that the same question may have been answered earlier for any other student!

Before purchasing the tutorial, the student is able to decide based on the price, size of the tutorial (number of file attachments, number of words, etc.), as well as a random preview of the tutorial. This helps them to choose one that is more relevant and detailed, before finally purchasing it. Throughout this process, the rating reputation of the tutor is also a key factor in making this decision.

Once paid, the tutorial is immediately made available to the students for downloading and further study.

If there is an issue with the tutorial, or if it is totally irrelevant or is of sub standard quality, the students can escalate to the support team (live chat as well as email support). The tutor is given an opportunity to improvise the study material or provide clarification. If the response to the student is still not to their satisfaction, students can claim for a refund (to be approved based on a fair investigation of the issue by the support team).

How Do I pay ?

You can pay for the tutorial via PayPal®. PayPal® is a world leader in online payments, and amongst the safest and easiest mode of online payments.

It is not mandatory to have a PayPal® account to complete the transaction. PayPal® system provides an option to pay directly from your credit or debit card, without even registering with them.

Once you’ve finalized the tutorial that you want to purchase, click “Purchase for $xxx” button available at the bottom of the tutorial.

  • Summary of the tutorial price and the applicable trasaction fee are displayed on the next screen.
  • If you are not registered or not logged in, you will be asked to register / login to your account.
  • Once you’ve registered / logged in, you will be shown a green button “Proceed to Pay”. On click of this button, you will be redirected to PayPal’s website to make the payment.
  • Once paid, you will be redirected back to Scholarpill.com. Option to download the complete, unlocked tutorial will be available.

Is my Credit Card information safe?

Yes it is absolutely safe and secure!

Our site uses SSL encryption to guarantee safety of your personal details

The payment is processed through PayPal® and our website never saves any of your confidential details from your Paypal Account.

PayPal® is amongst world’s safest and reliable payment processor.

I am not satisfied with the solution I have purchased, what should I do ?

If you are not satisfied with a tutorial you’ve purchased please contact the tutor via a private message (Login -> click on send message link in front of the tutor’s name on the tutorial screen)

In most cases, a simple clarification can help in resolving the issue.

However, if this fails to resolve the issue, please contact us at support@Scholarpill.com to share your issue within 3 days of purchase.

If I need My paper Revised. How do I go about it


We guarantee bar none, that the papers we produce in our website, beat other services out there. However, since we structure the essay according to your liking, we understandt that you may need a revision sometimes. If you would like to amend the final draft, activate a revision request from your account with the site. Follow the instructions that will be shown on your screen, and essay writer will revise the solution according to your remarks.

How Do I track the Progress of My paper?

 The progress status of your paper, as well as the estimated time left for the writer to complete your paper can be tracked from your Personal area with the site after the order has been sucessfully placed.

Can I claim A refund?

If your placed order does not live upto your expectations or cater to initial instructions, you can place a refund request . A full or partial refund is issued upon the quality assurance department confirming that the refund is valid.

How do I add any additional instructions after placing the order ?

You can add any additional instructions you may have, from your personal account area. The assigned writer will confirm receipt of new requirements and follow them too.

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