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Evidence-based practice in staff and patient safety

by | Mar 26

Nurses in various settings are adopting a research-based (or evidence-based) practicethat incorporates researchfindings into their decisions and interaction with clients. I need some help on providing examples in current clinicalpractice. Thanks!
Also examples in regard to patient safety, staff retention etc.

I hope this helps you. Thank you for asking BrainMass.

Evidence based practice (EBP) is defined as a process by which decisions are based on scientific principles, clinical expertise and preferences and values of patients (White-Williams, 2011; White-Williams et al., 2013). The goal of such process is to improve patient outcome and should be incorporated into every aspect of healthcare. Successful implementation of evidence-based practice relies on an organizational culture that supports such practice and promotes quality of care (Bostrom, Rudman, Ehrenberg, Gustavsson, & Wallin, 2013; White-Williams, 2011). Barriers such as lack of time for educational courses, seminars, or conferences that educates staff on evidence-based practice or personal beliefs of staff can be overcome with the proper organizational culture. Varies studies have confirmed that the capacity and competence of managers to support EBP and the level of staff’s education on EBP have been positively linked to increase application of evidence based practice ( Bostrom et al., 2013; White-Williams et al, 2013). …

The answer includes an explanation of what is considered evidence-based practice, its implementation, the importance of staff education and organization culture, and examples of patient safety guidelines based on evidence-based practice. References are included for further information.



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