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 Describe the similarities and differences between the ERG Theory and  Maslow’s Hierarchy. How have you used either of the two theories in  daily life? Respond to at least two of your peers for this posting. 


 Similarities of Maslow Hierarchy and ERG theory is that they both  were created to help better explain how human behavior is motivated and  influenced. Both having human needs arranged in a manner of high and low  level of importance. Maslow hierarchy needs are categorized with five  stages, which he states that one must be met in order to progress to the  next stage (psychological, safety, social, esteem and self  actualization) where as ERG theory arranged with three stages  (existence, relatedness, growth) adding an additional principle,  frustration-regression,  that focus on the idea of employees progressing  or regressing through different stages.”for example… Such a person would “regress” back to the existence level and feel that need more strongly” (Baack, 2017, 4.2).Maslow  Hierarchy, needs are satisfied one at a time, where as ERG  theroy, several needs can be met despite the level. The principle idea  behind Maslow Hierarchy assumes that the order of needs for people are  universal , where as ERG theory asserts that the order of needs for  people are different for different people. Throughout school, the  importance of Maslow Hierarchy of needs were always emphasized, so  growing up in any environment, I’m alwsys assessing my environment. In  my day to day life, It’s a must that I’m safe, that I’m in  an environment that I’m accepted and feel a sense of love,  always being aware and not compromising my true sense of self. 



The ERG model and Maslow’s Hierarchy needs share the same  concepts of building self-esteem through social networking. A person who  has no love life, friends, or colleagues at work that praise their  efforts will want to fulfill those needs to satisfy self-actualization.  Another similarity that both models share involves around safety, where a  person may want to be free of danger in the event of a driving through a  heavy rainstorm or going to a swimming pool. A person driving in a  thunderstorm may fulfill their psychological need of safety by wearing a  seat belt, driving slow, and having on high beams. An individual going  to a pool will feel safe if they are wearing a lifejacket and a  lifeguard is on duty.

One of the differences between the 2 models is that both of  them do not discuss the after effects of not gaining psychological  needs. For instance, Alderfer’s ERG theory goes into detail how a person  will act out if they don’t have certain psychological needs met. An  associate on the job has satisfied their requirements for food, water  and shelter by way of earning paychecks. However, the colleague is  “socially unskilled, the employee will become frustrated by the  inability to make friends. Such a person would “regress” back to the  existence level and feel that need more strongly. The individual would  become obsessed with possessions and other physical objects” (Baack,  2017, p. 4.2). 

The Maslow theory does not give insight if certain  psychological needs are not met, nor does it state whether to gain  mental needs in an identical sequence. I once became acquainted with the  ERG theory when I became frustrated about working a low paying job  while holding a bachelor’s degree. I began to act out on the job by  secluding myself from others and began to take my job less serious by  not performing tasks efficiently and effectively.


Baack, D. (2017). Organizational behavior. [Electronic version]. Retrieved from https://ashford.content.edu (Links to an external site.)



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