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Cass School Of Education and CommunitiesED6007 – DISSERTATION, 2020/21.Assessment​ ​– summaryPortfolio (100%)Assignment 1 – 15​th​ May, 2020.Submission of possible research question and 3/4 embedded topics.Assignment 2Submission of ethics form (up to 2 drafts) and access/consent letters (up to 2 drafts),for feed-forward and subsequent approval by your research supervisor.The submission date for your ethics forms is Friday, 19​th June 2020 and thiswill be submitted on Turnitin. Please note that your ethics forms need to beapproved by UEL in order to receive your ethics clearance letter to commencedata collection.Assignment 3 – 17​th​ July 2020 (directly to Karen).Submission of research instruments (for example, questionnaire, possibleparticipants – up to 2 drafts).Assignment 4 – 21​st​ August 2020 (directly to Karen).Submission of 1 draft of chapter 2/Literature review.Assignment 5 – 18​th​ September 2020 (directly to Karen).Submission of 1 draft of chapter 3/ Methodology and Ethics Discussion.Assignment 6 – To be advised (directly to Karen).Submission of 1 draft of chapter 4/ Findings.Assignment 7 – To be advised (directly to Karen).Submission of 1 draft of chapters 1 & 5.Assignment 8 – Final Dissertation submission ( Turnitin submission) – To beadvised.This table shows how the learning outcomes relate to the assessment of this module:



Assignment 1

Assignment 2

Assignment 3

Assignment 4

Assignments 5,6& 7

Assignment 8

IF you fail this module you move on to your second, and final, opportunity. Pleasecheck ​Cass School of Education and Communities Undergraduate Handbook fordetails of submission arrangements and deadlines. ​Submission of the summativecoursework for this module is online via Turnitin.Reading listEssential reading for this module​:Bell, J. (2014) ​Doing your research project: a guide for first-time researchers ineducation, health and social science. ​6th edn. Maidenhead: Open UniversityPress/McGraw-Hill Education. ​Available online through the library. ​Check if 6​thedn isCottrell, S. (2014) ​Dissertations and project reports: a step by step guide.Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.Mac Naughton, G., Rolfe, S. and Siraj-Blatchford, I. (eds.) (2010) ​Doing earlychildhood research: international perspectives on theory and practice. ​2nd edn.Maidenhead: Open University Press/McGraw-Hill Education. ​This is the free bookfor this module.Mukherji, P. and Albon, D. (2015) ​Research methods in early childhood: anintroductory guide. ​2nd edn. London: Sage.O’Hara, M., Carter, C., Dewis, P., Kay, J. and Wainwright, J. (2011) ​Successfuldissertations: the complete guide for education, childhood and early childhoodstudies students. ​London: Continuum. ​Available online through the library.Sharp, J. (2012) ​Success with your education research project. ​2nd edn. London:Sage. ​1​st​ edition (2009) also available online through the library.Thomas, G. (2013) ​How to do your research project: a guide for students ineducation and applied social science. ​2nd edn. London: Sage.Tisdall, K., Davis, J. and Gallagher, M. (2009) ​Researching with children and youngpeople: research design, methods and analysis. ​London: Sage. ​Available onlinethrough the library.Indicative reading for this module​:Alderson, P. and Morrow, V. (2011) ​The ethics of research with children and youngpeople: a practical handbook. ​2nd edn. London: Sage. ​Available online throughthe library.Ball, S. (2012) ​The complete guide to writing your dissertation: advice, techniquesand insights to help you enhance your grades. ​New York: Constable and Robinson.Available online through the library.Bloor, M. and Wood, F. (2006) ​Keywords in qualitative methods: a vocabulary ofresearch concepts. ​London: Sage. ​Available online through the library.Christensen, P. and James, A. (2008) ​Research with children: perspectives andpractices. ​2nd edn. London: Routledge. ​Available online through the library.Clark, A., Kjørholt, A. T. and Moss, P. (eds.) (2005) ​Beyond listening: children’sperspectives on early childhood services. ​Bristol: Policy Press. ​Includes a chapteron the Mosaic approach.Clark, A. and Moss, P. (2011) ​Listening to young children: the Mosaic approach. ​2ndedn. London: National Children’s Bureau. ​Available online through the library.Clark, A., Flewitt, R., Hammersley, M. and Robb, M. (eds.) (2014) ​Understandingresearch with children and young people. ​London: Sage.Crème, P. and Lea, M. (2008) ​Writing at university: a guide for students. ​3rd edn.Maidenhead: Open University Press/McGraw-Hill Education. ​Available onlinethrough the library.Farrell, A. (ed.) (2005) ​Ethical research with children. ​Maidenhead: Open UniversityPress/McGraw-Hill Education. ​Available online through the library.Fraser, S., Lewis, V., Ding, S., Kellett, M. and Robinson, C. (2004) ​Doing researchwith children and young people. ​London: Sage.Greene, S. and Hogan, D. (eds.) (2005) ​Researching children’s experience:approaches and methods. ​London: Sage. ​Available online through the library.Greetham, B. (2014) ​How to write your undergraduate dissertation. ​2nd ​edn.Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.Greig, A., Taylor, J. and MacKay, T. (2013) ​Doing research with children. ​3rd edn.London: Sage. ​2​nd​ edition also available online through the library.Harcourt, D., Perry, B. and Waller, T. (eds.) (2011) ​Researching young children’sperspectives: debating the ethics and dilemmas in educational research withchildren. ​Abingdon: Routledge.Harcourt, D. and Sargeant, J. (2012) ​Doing ethical research with children.Maidenhead: Open University Press. ​Available online through the library.Hirst, K. and Nutbrown, C. (eds.) (2005) ​Perspectives on early childhood education:contemporary research. ​Stoke on Trent: Trentham Books.Lewis, V., Kellett, M., Robinson, C., Fraser, S. and Ding, S. (eds.) (2004) ​The realityof research with children and young people. ​London: Sage. ​Includes a chapter onthe Mosaic approach.Lewis, A. and Lindsay, G. (eds.) (2000) ​Researching children’s perspectives.Buckingham: Open University Press.Mac Naughton, G. and Hughes, P. (2009) ​Doing action research in early childhoodstudies. ​Maidenhead: Open University Press/McGraw-Hill Education. ​Availableonline through the library.Opie, C. (ed.) (2004) ​Doing educational research. ​London: Sage.Palaiologou, I. (ed.) (2012) ​Ethical practice in early childhood. ​London: Sage.Available online through the library.Papatheodorou, T., Luff, P. and Gill, J. (2012) ​Child observation for learning andresearch. ​Abingdon: Routledge. ​Available online through the library.Punch, K. and Oancea, A. (2014) ​Introduction to research methods in education. ​2ndedn. London: Sage. ​18 copies of 1​st​ edition (2009) also available.Roberts-Holmes, G. (2014) ​Doing your early years research project: a step by stepguide. ​3rd edn. London: Sage. ​A useful text if you are grappling to understandhow to do research, but you should then move beyond this text. Copies of 1​stand 2​nd​ editions also available.Thomson, P. (eds.) (2008) ​Doing visual research with children and young people.London: Routledge. ​Available online through the library.For referencingPears, R. and Shields, G. (2013) ​Cite them right: the essential referencing guide. ​9​thedn. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. ​See summary of Cite them Right onMoodle.JournalsRelevant journals include:ChildhoodChildren & SocietyContemporary Issues in Early ChildhoodEarly YearsEducation 3-13European Early Childhood Education Research JournalInternational Journal of Early Years EducationJournal of Early Childhood Research
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