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ECG is a general diagnostic tool

by | May 26

CONCEPT MAPby Iram ZohaSubmission date: 02-May-2020 03:24PM (UTC+1000)Submission ID: 1313894680File name: 2804NRS_3201_86528140_1098941257_CONCEPT_MAP.docx (94.88K)Word count: 849Character count: 5143Hypertension123456789101112131415161718192021inappropriate2223242526272829 30313233343536all reference incorrectly formatted3738hanging indentitalicsFINAL GRADE27/100CONCEPT MAPGRADEMARK REPORTGENERAL COMMENTSInstructorA voice comment was left for this paper.PAGE 1Text Comment. HypertensionComment 1age greater than 65Comment 2you haven’t linked HTN correctly , consider hormone driven changes here and link to maleComment 3Isnt this the same as the aetiology?Comment 4these are separate risksComment 5nausea would be more related to raised ICPComment 6how does HTN link to decreased HR ,Comment 7you have already state HTNyou have already state HTNComment 8.ECG is a general diagnostic tool when abnormal vital signs are presented so it is likely this is anursing intervention for this case scenario as it would rule out any diagnosis associated withelectrical irregularities of the heart however it does not diagnose hypertension.Comment 9which pupil? more related to compression on the occulomotor nerveComment 10where are you draining CSF from ?Comment 11due to why ?Comment 12neck stiffness is more linked to menigoccal diseaseComment 13This wasnt in the case scenarioComment 14confusion due to lack of oxygen and glucoseComment 15What causes this? You need some linksComment 16use correct terminology , dyarthriaComment 17how is x-ray linked to swallowing ,Comment 18what is an ICH score ?QMPAGE 2Comment 19there are more than 2 types of strokes ,transient ischaemic attact (TIA) ischaemic stroke, haemorragic stroke and cryptogenic strokeComment 20explain what one you are referring to here clealryComment 21no , it did not decrease the prognosis , he had a haemorrhagic strokeinappropriateinappropriate academic resource, you need to use peer reviewed literature ,Comment 22you need to explain why he developed these symptomsComment 23why did he develop these ? explain the pathophysiology hereComment 24this does not make sense and there is no link to the concept mapComment 25what action ?Comment 26why would he require oxygen ?Comment 27what airway blockage , it stated in the case study he had difficulty swallowing , not that he had acompromised airway , remember the trachea and oesophagus are different tubes, one is for food theother for airComment 28aspiration means that a substance other than air has entered the airways , a patient would be indanger if they aspirated, and a GCS would not identify aspirationComment 29GCS assess only level of conscious not for breathingComment 30obtaining IV would not do thisComment 31what is this ?Comment 32why ? identify increased bleedingComment 33what surgery is required and why ?PAGE 3Comment 34why do you need to bring the BP downComment 35here is nothing in the case study that suggests he is diabeticComment 36I see you have tried hard here with concept par and explanation , however in your written section youhave not identified or discussed the risk factors and how they contribute to the pt’s diagnosis , youhave not addressed the pathophysiology or explained them , you have give some treatments but notlinked them to the correct pathophysiology and you have given the pt a diagnosis of diabetes andthat was not in the case study.PAGE 4Text Comment. all reference incorrectly formattedQMQMComment 37centreComment 38is this the journal name ?hanging indentuse a hanging indent, refer to ref and writing guideitalicsin italics4.5PRESENTATION (5 MARKS)CONCEPT MAP (45 MARKS)GRADING FORM: 2804NRS MC 2020IRAMZOHA27– Correct spelling/grammar Mostly used throughoutassignment. 2.5/3 – Concept map is colour codedwith distinct colours and a respective key.1 /1 –Correct file submitted (PowerPoint or Microsoft worddocument). 1/12/3, No Risk factors listed 2/3 -No Risk factors linked14.52WRITTEN EXPLANATION (40 MARKS)6REFERENCES (10 MARKS)correctly 0 /6 – illogical pathophysiology of diseaselisted 1/3 – 3/5, Clinical manifestations listed 3/5 OneClinical manifestations linked correctly 2/10 Somecorrect diagnostics listed 1.5/3 one diagnostics linkedcorrectly 1/6 -one correct treatments listed 2/3 Sometreatments linked correctly 2/6No Risk factors explain correctly 0/9 no explanationof how aetiology contributes to the patient’sdiagnosis 0/4 No clinical manifestations explainedcorrectly 0 /15 one diagnostics explained for theirclinical appropriateness 1/6 one treatments explainedfor their clinical appropriateness 1/6Explanation includes reputable, current andappropriate references 1/3 – Statements and claimsin written explanation are Mostly justified byreferences 3/4 – APA Style 7th Edition Inconsistentlyfollowed for both in-text and in reference list 1/2 Intext citations are listed in the reference list 1/1
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