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Dorothy Smith’s sociological perspective  with standpoint theory has origins in Marxist and phenomenological  ideas.  The basic concept of Smith’s standpoint theory is that a  person’s place within society highly influences their perspective and  knowledge of society. Following this theory it is logical to say that  each person is at least partially biased in their understanding, no one  has the same standpoint as another, and a person should not take their  standpoint for granted (Appelrouth & Edles, 2010, p. 319). Each  individual has a different standpoint in any given situation or social  environment, and therefore has an individual perspective on the matter  at hand. Like Mead claimed, people are able to redefine the situation in  terms of the self as an object in relation to others, but Smith  suggests that social locations individually influence those reciprocal  reactions and interpretations within the self.

I, like Dorothy Smith, have a “concrete  world as a wife and mother” to my two children, and different variations  of an abstract world of which I am apart of whenever I venture from my  home (Appelrouth & Edles, 2010, p. 321). I have a shared general  perspective as a wife and mother, but even so my personal standpoint as a  wife to my particular husband, and a mother to my particular children  with my personal social location in a neighborhood in central Illinois  differs from every single other wife and mother. This is true for a wife  and mother in Virginia to a wife and mother down the street from me. I  am aware that as a Christian, mother, middle class, white woman and  spouse to a military man, that puts me in its own field of  taken-for-granted knowledge in conjunction with my individual  socialization. Due to being married to a military man I have a  taken-for-granted knowledge of the military lifestyle in all that  entails from deployments, how to conduct yourself, the pride and honor  in serving, and so on.  My most taken-for-granted knowledge is my social  standpoint as a woman. I innately understand and identify this as my  most discerning characteristic in my social world and that most  influences my social location and perspective.



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