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dont add research methodology

by | May 20

The research paper should include below, dont add research methodology 1) Context :- In this section to include what research are done on human security, global social policies and linking it to social media and big data, what is big data and social media and how does the information generated through big data and social media effect shaping the global social policies. In here to include the challenges and advantages. 2) Research Questions, 3) Aim and Objectives 4) Literature Review :- In your writing please include below points but shouldnt be limited to this a. on Social media role in global social policy. b. what is big data, how can information analyzed through this mode link to social policies, what are the challenges and advantages of using data generated through big data. c. what is social media and what are its importance. d. available literature on role of social media on promoting social policies e. Show awareness of current knowledge and debates 5) Expected outcome Explain potential outcomes this may include how this research builds on current knowledge and what new understanding it will bring. 6) References
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