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by | Mar 26


This discussion posting is a part of Chapter 1 assignments.

We are discussing ideas and attempting to expand our understanding of philosophy and it is only natural that a wide range of opinions, viewpoints and ideas will be expressed. Be aware of the rules of good Netiquette when posting.  This first activity will help you learn how to use the discussion board and also get to know some of your virtual classmates.

For all discussions, up to 8 points are awarded for your initial post and 2 points for a response to at least one classmate. I am grading your discussions by these 3 criteria:

Initial Post (approx. 300 word)

  1. Evidence of critical thought
  2. Evidence of a complete understanding of the relevant theories and concepts
  3. Grammar, spelling and length 

Responses to classmates (approx. 100 word)

  1. Evidence of critical thought
  2. Clear and cogent evaluation of the classmate’s post
  3. Grammar, spelling and length

(For a more detailed explanation of how I grade each post and reply, see the “Discussion Grading Rubric” in the tab labeled “Grading Rubrics” on the left.)

Click the name of the forum above and to the left to get started.

On the next screen, Click on “+Thread” at the top to start your posting.

For your first discussion, please introduce yourself to the other members of the class and explain how your philosophy affects your decisions. Give specific examples.  Then respond to at least one other classmate’s posting.  I am looking for clear and cogent comments, and critical thought about your personal philosophy (not just “your opinion”).  Take a look at my post to get an idea of what I am looking for, as well as to learn a little about me.

THERE IS 2. one is my discussion, another one is reply. 


How Philosophy affects my desicions.COLLAPSE

Hello PHIL-1031! My name is Mehrin Ali and I would like to share how philosophy affects my decision. I follow two different philosophies in life: Islam, and achieving excellence in life.

       My first philosophy, the one that dominates my everyday decisions, is Islam. Islam is more than a religion to me. It is my  lifestyle and it is the truth. Most of my values and knowledge about the world comes from Islam. Islam teaches me how to eat properly, how to treat others, and how to view the world around me. For example, if someone publicly curses at me and humiliates me, then how should I respond to that person? What should I say to my oppressor? Should I just ignore him and walk away? It is moments like these where making the right decisions is so important to me. Islam helps me to make the right choice, and Islam helps me to avoid making bad decisions. Which raises one philosophical question in Islam: what is considered the right decision in Islam?

      My second philosophy is to aim high in life. I learned from much experience that the best way to achieve excellence is to set yourself to higher standards. For example, if I want to be successful in school, then I should have Straight A’s in all of my classes. If I had the choice in studying at  UT Dallas or at Southern Methodist University, then I would want to study at SMU. If I should apply for a new job, then the job needs to be well paid. I always wanted to achieve more in life, so that I is why I set myself to higher standards. However, I know that there is a logical fallacy to my philosophy. For example, my theory is that aiming high in life guarantees success. However, according a counter example to this theory would be that studying at SMU could be boring and less exciting for me; and studying at UT Dallas would have been a better choice for me. In this case, my counter example refutes my theory. This is similar to Aristotle’s theory on the comparison of human beings and rational animals.

Here was my two major philosophies in life. I hoped you enjoyed reading it!

I NEED A 100 on this assignment. So there is an attachment how professor grades



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