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by | Mar 26

The medieval period in history is the period in which monotheist took root against polytheism and pantheism. It was a definite transition period that changed the scope of history and shaped everything from artwork and philosophy to science and fashion.Imagine if that hadn’t happened. Imagine if polytheism and pantheism had remained strong and Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and the other monotheistic religions hadn’t become strong. Choose a country in the world and tell what would be different about that country if monotheism had been just one of many options in religion rather than the dominant religion of the state. Each student must pick a different country. Find out what the native religion of the country was and explain how that might have effected the development of the nation. 

Write at least 20 complete, grammatically correct sentences about this matter

Respond to a classmate’s post after posting your own adding to their picture if you know any other details about the development of their country (3 complete, grammatically correct sentences at least).

student post


If polytheistic religions would have overtaken monotheistic religions, then we would be living in a very different present. Mexico has been a catholic country after the conquistadores found America. Before the conquistadores got to Mexico, the Aztecs and many other tribes occupied the territory that we call today Mexico city. All of these tribes worshiped their own gods like the constellations, the moon, the sun, the rain, etc. They even made animals and human sacrifices to honor their gods. When the conquistadores arrived in Mexico, they saw, not only the thousands of human bodies that were sacrificed, but the culture and mentality that these tribes had. The conquistadores were surprised by how ignorant these tribes could be. They got in exchange tons of gold for mirrors that the conquistadores had. Today, the world knows about the conversion of the tribes through the conquistadores. It was violent and the tribes were forced to convert to Christianity. The wrong method was used by Spain to convert Indians to Catholicism, and even catholic people today recognize it. But, what if the conquistadores never said anything? Would Mexico be having many gods today? I feel like if that would have happened, then not only Mexico but the whole world would be a very different place. Because Mexico is and has always been a catholic country, the culture of today would be very different. Mexico would probably be having many influences from Asia and Africa, instead of having developed a unique culture. Even when Mexico was not as catholic as it is today, La Virgen de Guadalupe appeared to an Indian man named Juan Diego in 1531 and since then, Mexico has developed a culture towards Catholicism. I am Mexican and catholic, and the Mexican culture for me is very unique and friendly to any other culture around the world. There are many religions in Mexico, not just catholic people, but the truth is that it is a very fun country to live in, people never get bored



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