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Disability Rights and History

by | Mar 26

Please write a paper on disabilityhistoryof the United States before 1865. Paper should focus on how disability is treated by society and history of disability before 1865. It should be at least 1250 words & in MLA format.


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1. Introduction (bound your paper) – 200 words
2. About Disability and the Disabled Community – 200 words
3. Colonial Days – 200 words
4. Revolution & Civil War Period – 200 words
5. Industrial America – 200 words
6. Reflection – 200 words

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A History of Disability in America before 1865


We study the history of our nation proactively, continuously, as part of our academic pursuits whether required or otherwise in much of our learning lives. As children, the history of the United States of America is an integral part of any social science program in any schools across the nation, with the complexity and difficulty level increasing as we progress through grade school, high school all the way to university. But the specific histories of the varied groups that make up our nation are not often explicitly and comprehensively discussed or explored unless there was a demand or need for it. Histories of minority groups like African-Americans, Native-Americans, the LGBT sector and women, for example, require specialist reading. Even then, available information on the history of such groups are not always comprehensive so it is no surprise thus that the history of the Disabled in America comprise the history of American minorities because of the specificities of those that make it up – in particular, their disability hampering full function in comparison with their able-bodied fellow Americans. Thus, many see them as a ‘sector apart’ with struggles and issues not many in the mainstream can truly understand. In this discussion, I will attempt to trace historiographically the history of disability in American until 1865 primarily because this year marked the end of the American Civil War which led to social and political change. The points and information I raised below are key events and elements but are not the only concerns of impact to the subject. They have been chosen out of my own study of the subject.

About Disability and the Disabled Community

Pelka (2012) writes “…that people with disabilities , down through the ages, have generally been seen as objects of scorn or pity, ‘cases’ to be cured or ‘managed’, problems to be confronted or ignored.” A historian who has written on the history of the disabled, Pelka believes that the disabled feel that decisions about how they should live, where they should live and how they can live their lives have …

The solution provides information, assistance and advise ein tacking the task (see above) on the topic of putting together a disability history in the US before 865. An outline is suggested and a 2000 plus narrative provides information useful to the student in completing the suggested outline. Resources are listed for further exploration of the topic.



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