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Debating whether the human body can live to be at least 120

by | Mar 26

Based on knowledge of how body systems function, defend or reject scientistsâ?? claims that humans can live to at least 120 years.

Describe an overall underlying theme that connects all body systems.

Referencing a current news article about a new theory of a human physiological process, describe a topic from that article that applies to the blood analysis, respiratory systemor cardiovascular system.

From the day a baby is born, the body grows and matures. Cellular systems and organs grow until just beyond adolescence, the early 20s, when the body is at its final mature state. Then the aging process begins.

People are living longer now than in previous centuries, diet, lifestyle habits and medical advances are a few of the reasons. But at the same environmental conditions and behavior issues could also be dampening peak body fitness and health.

Research shows that eating less actually is good for the body and those that eat a moderate daily diet tend to sustain a healthier body. Oppositionally, those who are obese put a huge strain on so many body systems, limiting longevity opportunity.

Pollution (water and air), chemical agents, pesticides, processed foods, radiation, microwave, computer, cell phones, food supply issues and population growth (especially in developing countries may put a strain on the planet), available funding to pay for aging populations and other manmade elements-known and unknown, are just a few of the things that are prevalent on earth, for which the body must fight against and introduce a stress on body systems.

Some whales and turtles can live well …

Genes, diet and review of other animals is discussed.



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