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CSIT940/CSIT440: Research Methodology

by | May 24

CSIT940/CSIT440: Research MethodologyAssignment 2 – Research methodDue Date: Saturday 23rd May 2020, 18:00hrsInstructor: Professor Philip Ogunbona (philipo@uow.edu.au)School of Computing and Information TechnologyUniversity of WollongongMay 20201 IntroductionIn this assignment you are required to read and understand the accompanying 9-page paper, Driver performancewhile text messaging using handheld and in-vehicle systems” (Owens et al., 2011). Afterwards, answer thefollowing questions:1. (3 Marks) Identify the main research question addressed by the authors. This should be expressed ina paragraph of about 7 sentences.2. (3 Marks) What are the main approaches other researchers have previously used to address the problem?3. (3 Marks) What approach is being proposed by the authors of this paper? Why are the previousapproaches different from what is being proposed in this paper? Specifically identify the problem facedby previous approaches.4. (3 Marks) Summarize/state the description (demographic) of the participants used in this study, howthey were selected and payments received. Comment on any item that may have caught your attentionwith regard to generalizing the results obtained in this study.5. (3 Marks) The authors have used a factorial design in their study. Justify their choice. How else couldthey have constructed the study and what will be the potential benefit or otherwise of the approach youhave suggested?6. (4 Marks) In the study carried out in this paper, what are the dependent variables? Explain in yourown words why the choice of these dependent variables are appropriate for the research question.7. (12 Marks) Factorial design entails a decision on the factors to be considered (i.e. independent variables). In this study what are the factors? What are the various conceptual questions the choice of thesefactors allow the researchers to answer? Explain each of your conceptual questions and how it relates tothe main research question. Draw a diagram/table showing the factorial design along with the factors.8. (15 Marks) Explain in detail how the data collected by the researchers would be combined to determinethe main effects. In determining the main effects how would you state the hypothesis tests (both null andalternate)? What test would be conducted? What are the first order interactions? Using the materialprovided in the paper, what are their implications?19. (6 Marks) Comment on the internal and external validities of the study reported in this paper. Howwould you strengthen the internal and external validities if necessary? You may base your response onmaterial from the paper.Any copying and pasting” from the paper or any other source will receive a zero mark. Write your responsein your own words.What needs to be submittedPrepare your response in a document of no more that 5 pages. Your response should include a title page (notcounted in the 5 pages) with your name, student number and e-mail. Your submitted document should be inPDF and the layout should be 1.5 cm margin (all round) and one-and-half spacing in 12pt font size.ReferencesOwens, J. M., McLaughlin, S. B., and Sudweeks, J. (2011). Driver performance while text messaging usinghandheld and in-vehicle systems. Accident Analysis and Prevention, 43(2011):939 { 947.2
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