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Course Description (Higher Education) BUMGT5922

by | May 25

When you are a job candidate, communicating your employable skills is crucial. Equally, when you are recruiting, it is important that you get the best out of job candidates and convey the best of your company.As a group, you should develop the following process;fdlGrades U08404GT59222020/072020.04.03 15:48:20CRICOS Provider Number: 00103D 5 Atgm Federation 1.0 UniversityCourse Description (Higher Education) BUMGT5922Write an advert for a ‘position vacant’. Create an application form for potential candidates to complete. Decide what your key selection criteria will be. Compile a list of interview questions.Record/video two mock interviews. One with a successful candidate. One with a ‘close second’ candidate.Write an explanation of why one candidate was chosen over the other.Written report Week 12 Weight: 30%In this activity, you are expected to analyse a business leader that you admire because of their communication skills. Note; it’s not all about how much money they make. You should look at how they run their company, how they communicate internally and externally, how they recruit, how they lead, etc. Similar to the communications portfolio, this task will require you to observe, listen, analyse and critique the many modes of communication that exist in the world of business. You will explore major areas of verbal communication, non-verbal communication, listening effectively, managing business relationships, resolving conflict, negotiating successfully, personal interactions, written communication for business, intercultural communication and social media. Make sure you provide plenty of evidence and back up your views with the relevant theory.
Ahmed is a fashion retail manager at one of the large department stores in Muscat. He manages a staff of 10. His department has clothes, accessories and shoe sections. Each of his employees has a clear sales goal of R.0.1000/- sale target per month. Unfortunately, not all of the staff members are able to reach their targets consistently, month after month. Ahmed observed that inability to meet the monthly targets has resulted in change in morale and increased fear over job security. To combat the declining morale, Ahmed decided to offer additional incentives to motivate this staff to reach optimum performance. Ahmed came to know that you are a Human Resource management specialist and would like to consult you to improve attainment of the above targets. Given the challenges kindly consult Ahmed on the below: 1. Ahmed heard about the concept of Performance Appraisal and wants to know more. Identify and evaluate each appraisal method that he can used to help Ahmed develop the sales skills of his employees. Provide examples. (10 marks). 2. Identify and explain a minimum of 5 different effective ways that can be used to motivate employees in an organization. Make recommendations to Ahmed, what would be best given the circumstances? (10 marks) 3. Does Ahmed need to train his employees? If the answer is yes, asses why Ahmed needs to identify their training needs and explain the outcomes of training and development if done correctly. If the answer is no, explain why training is not important. (10 marks) 4. Explain to Ahmed why strong leadership matters. Identify different types of leaders and the asses the difference between Autocratic and Democratic leaders. Make sure to give examples. (10 marks) 5. Identify and analyze characteristics of good and bad organizational culture. Show through examples how Ahmed can create a positive organizational culture. (10 marks)
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