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COIT12200 Assessment item 2— Assignment 2

by | May 24

COIT12200, 2020 Term One – Page 1 of 4Assessment item 2— Assignment 2Due date: Friday of Week 11 (29th May 2020) 11.45 pm AEST Weighting:40%Length: NA1. ObjectivesThe purpose of this assessment item is to assess your skills attributable to the followinglearning outcomes.

Apply software design and development principlesComplete appropriate documentation for requirements, system modelling and design, softwareimplementation, testing and evolutionIllustrate a detailed design for a layered information system using appropriate design methodsImplement an information system, consisting of presentation, application and data layers.Use quality management in a range of different design and development scenarios.


2. Assessment TaskYour tasks for this assessment. Provide the complete implementation and testing for the Traffic Accident ReportingSystem (TARS) designed in the first assignment. The implementation should adhere toMVP (model view presenter) pattern and data persisted to a relational database preferablyMySQL or Java derby database. Write a paragraph on version control as discussed below.You can use the sample solution when provided on the moodle course webpage to correct anyanomalies with your initial design.3. Case Study used in Assignment 1Queensland Road and Transport Authority (QRTA), as part of Queensland Government currentlyoffers the road and transport services to the road users. This service is dedicated to collecting,storing, manipulating, and making available Road Accident Information important to the delivery ofservices to Queensland road users.Each motor vehicle will have a unique identifier (plate number) assigned by the system whenregistered for the first time. The QRTA wanted a flexible system with room for change in the futureand prefer a layered design and implementation with the data stored in a database. The system isused by the QRTA staff to Create, Edit, Browse, Search on past road accidents in QLD. A View optionshould also be available to list all the accidents based on the “vehicle plate number” for reportingpurposes. The system should also have the ability to update/change the vehicle owner informationsuch as address or the phone number.Response to user actions must be reflected in the interface. The system should be developed as aJava desktop application which runs on a windows operating system with a graphical user interface.The Java application should be developed in a single tier using MVP (model view presenter) pattern.QRTA expects the system to be developed in two parts (Design and Implementation).The user updates the Vehicle information by interacting with the system.A Vehicle record consists of [id(plate number), model, year, owner name, owner address, ownerphone number]. A sample record in database exists as (“124-QAY”, “TOYOTA”, 2018, ”TomJones”,”somewhere in Townsville”, ”0467567356”). An accident record in database exist as[id(auto-generated), location, comments, vehicle id]. A sample record in database exists as (1,“intersection of Flinders and Ingham roads Townsville”, “hitting an other car from behind”, “124-QAY”), remember! an accident may involve multiple vehicles. Initial database script files will beprovided.Sufficient error handling must be implemented to prevent data entry errors during database updateand for the search option. The application when developed should automatically attempt toconnect to the database before the user interface screen is displayed and exit with a message for afailed connection.When an accident is reported to the front desk, the system user must be able to check if the vehicleis already in the database and offer to update the information, if not then allow the user to add anew recored as a new vehicle and then add a new accident. The system must also allow user to addother vehicles to one accident.COIT12200, 2020 Term One – Page 3 of 44. Version ControlVersion control is important to manage and maintain orderly changes to software code. Thischallenge would become a reality if you were asked to work in a big team scatteredgeographically towards the completion of the second assignment. Maintaining updatesthrough email might not be a viable option in this case. Discuss the current technology andmodels available to handle this issue. Also discuss which model will be more appropriate fordifferent team sizes. Limit your discussion to 600 words (+/-10%). Please use Harvardreferencing to acknowledge sources in your essay.5. ASSESSMENT COMPLETION GUIDELINES1. ImplementationProvide the entire netbeans project containing the source code. The database part neednot be provided since the marker will use the script provided to create database, tableand insert records. It is not mandatory to include a username and password in thedatabase connection string but if done so, please provide these details in the worddocument.2. DocumentationProvide a word document will all the test screens with annotation to demonstrate theworking prototype. Also address the essay relating to version control.3. Test PlansProvide test use cases for update and search operations4. Acceptance testsThis will be carried out by the marker to test if your application meets all the functionalrequirements.5. Report SubmissionYou should submit a zipped file of the entire project with source code and a worddocument addressing the assessment criteria.COIT12200, 2020 Term One – Page 4 of 45. MARKING GUIDE
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