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COIS 12036 Human Computer Interaction (HCI)

by | May 24

1COIS 12036 Human Computer Interaction (HCI)Project B (Term 1 – 2020)Total marks: 45 marksProject B: TaskThe overall task is divided into two project phases (i.e. two separate, but related projects). It isstrongly advised that you read the following project description in conjunction with thedescription for Project A.You are to complete the following task in the order given:• Develop high-fidelity prototype. Based on the user test feedback and recommendationsthat you proposed in the previous phase (Project A), develop a high-fidelity prototype(i.e. reasonably complete version) for the website. Use any combination of HTML5 andCSS3. Remember to indicate which browser (i.e. IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc.) you aretargeting as the main working platform. For the purpose of this project, please excludemobile devices that runs on fragmented or closed-system technology, such as Android,Apple iOS and Nook. Do not use Rapid Application Prototyping (RAD) tools or any othertype of scripting, programming languages, add-ons or services, e.g. Python, Lua, AJAX,Dreamweaver, WordPress etc.• Carry out user acceptance test. Devise two walkthrough scenarios. For example,“Instruct the user to visit the postcards section, look up two items, exit and selectplaying_cards section and look up four other items.” Apply this walkthrough scenario toyour test subjects. Invite 3 to 4 potential users (e.g. friends, family members, classmatesshould be fine, etc.) to play the role of users. You do not need to provide their names.Ask each of the users to perform all the walkthrough scenarios you have devised. Applyappropriate techniques to determine how the website performs under these testconditions. Systematically collect data on the user performance. For example, how longdid each of the users take to complete each of the scenarios? Did the users find theinterface easy or challenging to use? Does the interface allow users to change theirminds? Etc. Refer to your textbook for more detailed and appropriate parameters thatsuits your requirements.• Identify features. Identify any one or two features of the website that you thinkdeserves particular attention. An example of a feature is, draw attention to interfacedesign elements that are particularly innovative, e.g. visitors can call up a mininavigational ‘menu bar’ from any page.2• Recommendation. From the outcome of the user acceptance test, providerecommendations on how the high-fidelity prototype can be improved. Assertions madein your recommendation need to be supported by the test results you have carried outearlier.• Write a report. Produce a report to document the tasks and the outcome of your effortsundertaken for Project B. Remember, this report is intended for your employers. Youneed to document and support the viability of your website – that is, to convince youremployer that your webpage is performing as intended.Format of ReportAs you are performing the tasks prescribed above, you will need to document every step ofyour activity (i.e. write up what you have done). These pieces of information will beconsolidated into a report. For the purpose of this project you are assumed to be aprofessional. As such, you should attempt at your best to reflect this quality in the preparationof the report. As a minimum, the report should contain the following:(1) Introduction – State the purpose and objectives of the report.(2) Content – This is the main section where you should document your activities. Youshould document the design principles you have adhered to in the development of yourwebsite. You need to show the relationship of the interface design principles relating toyour webpage.(3) User acceptance test. Do not include raw or unprocessed data. Summarise your findings.Include only the analysis, evaluation, summarization and outcome of the acceptancetest here. If you really need to include critical or important raw data, then do so byappending them to an appendix at the end of the report. Keep a record of your rawdata. If required, your instructor or marker may request that you provide them with acopy.(4) Features.(5) Recommendation.(6) Conclusion – This is basically a summation, consolidating the main points of the report.(7) There is no minimum or maximum limit to the number of words required in this report.However, the length of your report must be within reason and of adequate length tosuccinctly support the complete account of tasks you have undertaken.(8) Figures or diagrams can be added as required.Page formatting: A4 size paper, 2.5cm margins on all sides, single-sided, Time Romans orNew Time Romans font, 12pt font size, DOC or DOCX format.3Learning ObjectiveNote that these are not programming project in themselves. The primary purpose of bothProject A and Project B is to ensure that students adopt best practice and adhere closely to HCIprinciples during the process of designing and developing the interactive user interfaces. Thisprocess is to be fully documented in your report. Full functionality is not expected from eitherProject A or Project B. For example, knowledge of database backend servers and web serversare not required in this course.What to SubmitYou should submit two items for assessment. These are:1. All necessary files, images, scripts, coding and resources should reside in a single mainPROJECT_B.ZIP folder. The report should be separated from this folder (see item 2below). It is up to you to organise the files and sub-folders within the main folder.Ensure that all your scripts and coding is stand-alone and portable. That is, your markeror instructor should be able to run your scripts from the type of browser you havespecified by clicking on the main.html or main.htm startup file. Use only HTML5 andCSS3 to develop your website. The web browser you specified should render yourmarkup and scripts without problems.2. The report should be named REPORT_B and saved as a single file in DOC or DOCXformat. This file should be located outside the ZIP folder.Submit (1) PROJECT_B.ZIP and (2) REPORT_B.DOCX as separate files. That is, submit ONE ZIPfile and ONE DOCX file. Both need to be separate items when you submit through the onlinesubmission portal.PLAGIARISMCQUniversity regards plagiarism as a serious offence and it canhave serious consequences for you as a student. To avoidplagiarism, please read:https://www.cqu.edu.au/student-life/services-and-facilities/referencing/what-is-plagiarism4Assessment CriteriaThe following criteria will be used to assess your assignment:


Task as documented in report:• Overview and description. (2 marks)• User acceptance test are appropriate and sufficiently in-depth. (3 marks)o Walkthrough scenarios are appropriate and sufficiently complex. (1mark)o Results for the test user performance. (6 marks)o Evidence that this task have been carried out with users. E.g.analysis and evaluation of data are presented, etc. (3 marks)• Features. ( 3 marks)o Features are appropriate and suitable for the website.o Innovative.• Recommendation. (3 marks)

High-fidelity prototype:• Interface adheres to HCI principles in does not break major HCI rules. (6marks)• The final prototype sufficiently demonstrate the developer’s skills in webdevelopment tools (i.e. HTML5 and CSS3). e.g. webpages can be renderedto display elements to provide an idea of the overall design. (4 marks)• Final expert review. The instructor and/or marker will carry out a finalusability and expert review of the website based on:o Overall interface design, e.g. the design is appropriate for intendedusers, and use of good metaphors. (3 marks)o Aesthetics, innovation, creativity, impression etc. (5 marks)o Walkthrough based on the walkthrough scenario you devisedabove. (2 marks)

Presentation:• Report professionally presented. (2 marks)• Written style, expression and overall presentation. (2 marks)

Total marks for Project B:

5Marker’s Guideline• To obtain 76-100% of the marks allocated for a specific section of the assessment, thestudent’s work is expected to demonstrate a very high level of knowledge andunderstanding of concepts, facts and procedures, and application of knowledge within thescope of the course.• To obtain 51-75% of the marks allocated for a specific section of the assessment, thestudent’s work typically demonstrate a high level of knowledge and understanding ofconcepts, facts and procedures, and application of knowledge within the scope of thecourse.• To obtain 26-50% of the marks allocated for a specific section of the assessment, thestudent’s work typically demonstrate a sound level of knowledge and understanding ofconcepts, facts and procedures, and application of knowledge within the scope of thecourse.• To obtain 1-25% of the marks allocated for a specific section of the assessment, thestudent’s work typically demonstrate a limited level of knowledge and understanding ofconcepts, facts and procedures, and application of knowledge within the scope of thecourse.• 0 marks will be allocated for a specific section of the assessment, where an erroneous or noattempt has been made by the student.— End —
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