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BSBRES411 – Analyse and present research information

by | May 24

Unit of Competency:BSBRES411 – Analyse and present research informationBSBWRT401 –Write Complex DocumentsBSBCUS402 – Address Customer NeedsPY Topic:Topics 3 – Customer Service and Research SkillsAssessment Task:Task 3.2 – Research ReportAssessment Submission Checklist (Student must submit all of these documents)Draft Report with feedback provided by your colleague (we suggest using Track Changes that show their suggested amendments Correspondence with feedback gathered about the suitability and sufficiency of your findings.Final ReportAssessment Instructions to Student:

Attempt all questions in the assessment.All answers to be typed using Microsoft WordResources permitted during assessment:

Dictionaries: Standard, Bilingual, DigitalElectronic devices: Laptops, Computers, InternetAdditional Assessment Instructions to Assessor:

Reasonable adjustment: Trainers may make reasonable allowances for learners in accordance with the C&I Learner Support Policy contained in the Participant Handbook. This may relate to the timeframe for undertaking this assessment task in class or relate to an extension to the due date. Consult with the Curriculum & Learning Manager prior to administering this assessment to ensure Learner Support needs are met.

BSBRES411 Analyse and present research information

Performance Evidence

Evidence of the ability to:

identify or confirm research requirements and objectivesgather, organise and present research informationcommunicate effectively with research stakeholders to clarify requirementsmaintain and handle information and documents systematically and securelyprepare reports on research findings including:recommendations based on the analysis of informationclear and justified assumptions and conclusionsuse of efficient, valid and reliable methodsanalyse, evaluate and interpret research information to support organisational activities.Note: If a specific volume or frequency is not stated, then evidence must be provided at least once.

Knowledge Evidence

The candidate must be able to demonstrate the following knowledge to effectively complete the tasks outlined in the elements and performance criteria of this unit, and to manage tasks and reasonably foreseeable contingencies in the context of the work role:

 Key features of organisational policies and procedures relating to:

 the access of digital information

 the storage/transmission of information

 legal and ethical obligations relating to workplace information

 key concepts related to research and analysis including reliability and validity

 key features of research processes and strategies to identify new sources (online and print) of information and efficient and effective use. To complete the unit requirements safely and effectively, the individual must:

Assessment Conditions

Assessment must be conducted in a safe environment where evidence gathered demonstrates consistent performance of typical activities experienced in the knowledge management – research field of work and include access to:

workplace information systems, equipment and resourcesworkplace policies and procedurescase studies and, where possible, real situations.Assessor of the unit must satisfy the assessor requirements in applicable vocational education and training legislation, frameworks and/or standards.BSBWRT401 – Write Complex DocumentsPerformance Evidence

Evidence of the ability to:

plan, draft and finalise complex documents that require review and analysis of a range of information sourcesuse business technology to apply formatting, and incorporate graphicsedit the draft text to ensure accuracy and clarity of information, obtain feedback on the draft and revise the draftapply the enterprise style guide/house style.Note: If a specific volume or frequency is not stated, then evidence must be provided at least once.

Knowledge Evidence

To complete the unit requirements safely and effectively, the individual must:

identify the enterprise style guide/house styleoutline formatting styles and their impact on formatting, readability and appearance of documentsexplain rules and conventions for written English, as defined by general and specialist sources.BSBCUS402 – Address Customer Needs

Performance Evidence

Evidence of the ability to:

communicate effectively with customers includinghelping customers to articulate their needs and evaluate optionsexplaining products/services and how they match customer needsestablishing regular communicationexplaining customer rights and responsibilitiesaddress customer’s needsuse organisational procedures to document customer satisfactiondevelop and maintain networks to support meeting customer needsidentify potential difficulties in meeting customer needs and taking appropriate action.Note: If a specific volume or frequency is not stated, then evidence must be provided at least once.

Knowledge Evidence

To complete the unit requirements safely and effectively, the individual must:

explain organisational procedures and standards for establishing and maintaining customer service relationshipsdescribe informed consentexplain consumer rights and responsibilitiesdescribe ways to establish effective regular communication with customersoutline details of products or services including with reference to:possible alternative products and servicesvariations within a limited product and service range.Research and Analysis Report

Please read the following scenario and address the answers to the questions provided. Using Microsoft Word, answer each question below in a report format using the style guide provided.


Your organisation has compiled statistics gathered over a period of 12 months on customer complaints. You have been asked by your manager to review the data based on your team’s customer service skills. After you have analysed the data provided below, you are to create a report that addresses the assessment questions.

The following key is to indicate the focus of the customer complaint that has been recorded. K, R & B indicate the complaint was caused by the relevant staff; P indicates the complaint is caused by a product; S indicates the complaint is caused by an external service provider.

Customer Service Complaints Data

Key for staff: K = Kasyme, R = Raquel, B = Basel

Each letter represents one complaint. i.e. K = 1 complaint towards Kasyme; S, S = 2 service complaints.

WeekMonTueWedThuFriSatSun1SPKB2P, BSPP, K3RBP, BSPP4B, PSPP5PSP, K6PBPBK7RB, BSP, BB8SK9PR10RSK11P, BSBPRP, S, B12PK13R, SP14SKP15BP, BP, B16S17PR18SP19PB, RS, BPP, B20BP21KS22RP, B23RSK24PB, SPB25K26R, S27RP, B28BB, PPKB29S, B30P, BK31R, B32BP, BS, B33S, PK34S35R36S, BPBB37PK38R39SR40B, SSKB, P41P, B42S, B43P44P, BBSB45KP, S46KR, PS, B47S, B48PS, BB, B49R50RP, BK51S, BP52P, BRKS, PBBQUESTIONS:

Analyse your data findings from the scenario provided?What are your findings from this data analysis? What impact will this data have on your company?Explain the data analysis methods you used and how you have applied these methods e.g. quantitative, qualitative.Create a graphical representation of the data using MS Excel and insert into your reportHow will this organisation monitor the levels of customer satisfaction in the future to ensure that their levels of customer services maintain a high level?Explain where would the organisation store this information for future reference? Which departments would find this information useful for their operations? Should this data be stored securely? If yes, why?How might the organisation store this data securely to protect their intellectual property?What policies and procedures may need to be updated as a result of your research findings?Share your draft copy of your report and your data findings with a colleague by sending them your report via email. Ask them to provide written feedback on your assessment based on the suitability and sufficiency of your findings. Your classmate is to provide a written response to the following questions which may be in email format. Note: Their written response must be submitted as part of your assessment evidence. This may be a copy of the email they send to you.Based on the feedback you receive from your colleague, answer the following questions:

Do they agree on the outcome of your data analysis?Do they agree with your identified solution?What additional data findings would they recommend to be added to your findings?Ask them to provide feedback on your report layout and format for improvement recommendationsCreate a final copy of your report which includes the recommended changes suggested by your colleague. Ensure you submit the following into Moodle:A copy of your Draft Report with feedback provided by your colleague (we suggest using Track Changes that show their suggested amendments)A copy of correspondence with feedback gathered about the suitability and sufficiency of your findings.A copy of your Final ReportSTYLE GUIDE

Structure of reports should be flexible but generally follow:

TitleIntroductionBodyConclusion/RecommendationsAppendicesReferencesIntroduction should do the following:

present an overview of the subject matterdescribe the research methodsidentify the findings (can use bullet points)list recommendations (can use bullet points)use language appropriate to audience and purpose.Body text

Body text should be ordered into clear sections with sub-sections if required. Text should contain analysis of findings and should be written using paragraphs.

Language uses plain English as follows:

active verbspresent tenseaccurate language with any jargon explainedformal English toneno contractionsGeneral presentation

use consistent format including fonts and stylesuse font size 10-12 for body textuse 1.5 spacingone line between paragraphsjustify textuse same font style for all headingsuse section headingsyour name and date in footerinclude page numbersuse correct citation for all references used.The post BSBRES411 – Analyse and present research information appeared first on My Assignment Online.



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