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Due date:Weighting:Length and/or format:Purpose:
Friday 29/05/2020 3.00am25%1000 – 1500 word written essayThis assessment is designed to encourage you to reflect on theteaching material delivered throughout the unit (Weeks 1 – 12 inclusive)

and the interrelationships between body systems. It allows you todemonstrate your critical thinking skills for deeper and more meaningfullearning and develop your written communication skills.

Choose ONE of the three case studies provided.Carefully read all materials provided for your chosen case study.

Use the Word template provided to complete your essay on your chosencase study. You will need to research the topic beyond your lecture andworkshop material. It is highly recommended that you start with thetextbook.Include in text citations in your essay and a reference list at the end.How to submit: Submit online through the specific Turnitin link provided on LEO.For submission please name the file with your student number and casestudy topic e.g. S00123456_NEVAEHAll health professionals need to be able to communicate and justify their work to a non-specialistaudience, which may comprise those involved in policy-making decisions as well as the generalpublic. As you will be aware, the health sciences are often poorly represented by the media. Thereare plentiful examples of reporting that may be sensationalistic, misleading, biased (e.g. on vaccinesafety), inaccurate (e.g. many media sources seem to view the words bacteria and viruses asinterchangeable), or all four. Hence, there is a need for, and a potential career in, good writing andcommunication in the health professional arena.This assessment involves addressing a series of generic questions in the form of an essay. Thequestions relate directly to the case studies presented. All of your answers must be specific for theperson in the case study, marks will not be given where your essay does not relate to the person inthe case study. You can choose to do any ONE of the three case studies.The answers to the questions in the case study must be integrated into an essay, which shouldinclude an appropriate introduction and conclusion. You can present the information in the orderthat you feel flows best, you don’t have to present it in the order of the questions. The questionsmust be incorporated into sentences and paragraphs that include facts from the case study. Ifpresented in question-answer style no marks will be given for quality of essay.The information you present can be synthesised from peer-reviewed articles in the scientific andclinical research literature, and from textbooks. Care must be taken in all aspects of the essay,including spelling and grammar. Take special care to avoid plagiarism. Use of the text matchingsoftware “Turnitin” has been approved to assist in the avoidance and detection of plagiarism.©ACU 2020 2Case Study: Nevaeh – a teenage pregnancyNevaeh is a 17yo female who has presented to the antenatal clinic with amenorrhea. She appeared stressedand was concerned that she may be pregnant. Upon questioning, she also advised that she had beensuffering from severe headaches and had taken 2 x 500mg paracetamol tablets just prior to arrival. Uponexamination and ultrasound investigation, she was advised that she was 20 weeks pregnant. Preliminaryblood and urine tests were carried out and support services were notified. She was scheduled to return tothe clinic for counselling and further monitoring the following week. Her results were noted:Physical examination:

156 cm

54 kg

Unclean, poorly nourished, anxious

Pregnancy status
Primigravida 20/52


Blood Group

138/87 mm Hg

Respiratory rate
22 bpm


Past patient history

Social status
Living on street for past 6 monthsestranged from family, no partner










Specific Gravity


©ACU 2020 3Guiding QuestionsQuestion 1 (8 marks total)A. Breast tissue contains glandular structures relevant to Nevaeh’s reproductive function. Note therole of this glandular tissue in reproductive function, including any likely changes due to pregnancyin the stimulation, secretion and resultant effects for Nevaeh.B. Considering Nevaeh’s circumstances, describe the future role of oxytocin on breast tissue anddiscuss how the levels of this hormone may vary during and post-pregnancy.Question 2 (8 marks total)A. Describe the role of the kidneys in maintaining fluid balance with reference to the role of antidiuretichormone (ADH). Is Nevaeh at risk of not maintaining homeostatic fluid mechanisms? Why/why not?B. What is a urinalysis and what is its significance for this case? With respect to the protein componentfor Nevaeh’s urinalysis result, and using your knowledge of normal kidney function, would youexpect this result? Why/why not?Question 3 (8 marks total)A. What is gut motility? Is it likely that Nevaeh’s gut motility has increased or decreased duringpregnancy? Discuss EITHER peristalsis OR segmentation in your response.B. Why is it important for Nevaeh to maintain adequate protein intake? Discuss its importance in foetaldevelopment in your response.Question 4 (8 marks total)A. Nevaeh has taken paracetamol for persistent headaches. Identify the route of drug administrationand discuss how the drug is likely to be absorbed after administration and its likely bioavailability.Justify your answer by discussing whether the drug would be subjected to hepatic first pass.B. What is the importance of the half-life of a drug? Assuming 100% absorption and the half-life ofparacetamol is 6 hours, calculate the % amount of drug that is likely to be present in the blood after24 hours.Question 5 (8 marks total)A. Consider Nevaeh’s blood pressure result and discuss whether the mean arterial pressure is likely tovary during pregnancy. In your answer you must include reference to a change in vessel length dueto her pregnancy and briefly mention the consequences of any change in BP upon kidney function.B. Discuss the role of the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system in the maintenance of blood pressurein Nevaeh’s circumstance.
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