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BFF3751 Derivatives 1

by | May 20

BFF3751 Derivatives 1Mid semester test detailsSemester 1, 2020Date and time The mid semester test (MST) has been centrally timetabled:– Wednesday 13th May 6.00pm.– All students, irrespective of where they are located, will commence the MSTat 6pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (i.e., 6pm Melbourne time). The University has ruled that MSTs take priority over all otherscheduled activities. Hence, if you have other lectures ortutorials at 6pm on 13th May, you must do the BFF3751 MST atthis time.2Date and time The MST will be conducted via the BFF3751 Moodle site in theform of an MCQ quiz.– Students should ensure that they have reliable internet access for theduration of the MST.– Students should also keep an eye on their Monash email during the test. If Ineed to communicate with you (e.g., correct a typo or clarify a question), Iwill do so via email. On completion of the MST:– If you finish the exam and want to submit early, you can hit “submit” at anytime.– Otherwise, when time is up, Moodle automatically submits whateveranswers you have entered.– Note that Moodle progressively saves your answers for each question asyou enter them.3Duration and format The MST is worth 35% of the total marks for the semester. It comprises 40 Multiple Choice Questions. The duration is one hour and forty minutes (100 mins) in total. The exam will cover:– Lectures 1-5, and– Tutorials 1-5 (all questions, not just the asterisks).– “First Week Tutorial” notes and videos and associated PDF files.4 You will need to use a calculator on many questions. Given that it is run over Moodle, it is essentially an open-booktest. There is no need for a formula sheet (it’s an open-book test!):– However, on Moodle, I have provided the formula sheet that I wouldnormally include in a closed-book exam.– That formula sheet contains key formulae from weeks 1-5. Anyformulae not on that sheet are the ones that I would expect you toknow by now.– I would advise you to prepare your own formula sheet to use duringthe exam. You are in the best position to know which formulae youremember and which you don’t.5Nature of the exam The level of difficulty of the questions will vary:– Some questions will be relatively quick and straight forward. Students whohave been working hard since week 1 should perform well on thesequestions.– Other questions will be more challenging, allowing the better students todifferentiate themselves. As I have repeatedly advised since week 1, students shouldfocus on understanding the content, not memorising answers totute questions.6How to prepare As I have said during lectures, the level of difficulty of ourMoodle quizzes is not necessarily indicative of the level ofdifficulty of the MST. The quizzes were intended to be relativelystraight-forward and merely to incentivise students to work hardfrom week 1. My advice would be to prepare for the MST like you wouldnormally prepare for a closed-book exam:– Try to understand the topics well enough that you could comfortably sit aclosed-book exam. If you can do this, then you will be in a strong position.– It would be a mistake to think that, because it’s open book, you can justrevise topics “on the fly” as needs be. For example: “Umm, I don’t knowhow to do Q23, so I’ll just go and look over Lecture 3 again”.– Completing 40 MCQ in 100 minutes will keep you busy. You will not havetime to be flicking through lecture/tutorial notes to remember how to dothings. 7How to prepare How to prepare:– Re-read the lecture notes and listen to lecture recordings again.– Re-read the relevant sections of the text book.– Work through all tutorial questions until you understand the concepts. Viewthe tutorial video answers as needs be. Supplementary questions (do you need to do them?)– The concepts that will be examined have been introduced and presented inthe lectures and tutorials. Hence, they are sufficient preparation.– The Supp Qs are just extra practice for highly-motivated students.– Historically, students who put time into working through the Supp Qs seemto understand topics well and do very well in assessment. There are no practice exams. You have more than enoughmaterial at your disposal from which to master the topics. The online quizzes are no longer available for review. 8Week 8 The MST runs during Week 8 of the semester (week beginning11th May). There will be no BFF3751 lecture or tutorials during the examweek. The University has ruled that MST takes priority over all otherscheduled activities. Hence, if you have other lectures ortutorials at 6pm on 13th May, you must do the BFF3751 MST atthis time. I will provide updated tutor consultation times leading into thetest.9Miscellaneous As is the case with all assessment, any student who misses thetest for medical reasons:– Must follow university procedures to notify the Chief Examiner (Philip Gray)within two days of missing the MST and provide satisfactory documentation. Students who do not complete the MST and have satisfactorymedical documentation will complete deferred assessment laterin the semester. However:– The format of this deferred assessment has not yet been determined.– It is very unlikely to be an MCQ test.– Other possibilities are a closed-book written test done under invigilation, oran oral test where you demonstrate your knowledge and understanding ofthe unit content verbally in a one-on-one session with me.10Student charter and academic integrity A reminder about the student charter you signed when you firstjoined Monash. As a Monash student, you are expected to:– undertake your studies with honesty and integrity,– credit the work of others, seek permission to use that work whererequired and not plagiarise or cheat.11
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