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Assignment Day 3

by | Mar 26

Research the different nursing care facilities in your community. Discuss the pros and cons of the facility in terms of what they offer. Provide a brief report with the following questions:

• What is the basic rate for room, board, and services (it’s a good idea to get this information in writing)?

• What services are covered by this rate?

• Are there other services available and how much do they cost?

• What are the payment policies?

• What is the refund policy if someone leaves before the end of a month?

• What is the policy for rate increases?

• How long has the current administration been in place?

• Is there enough staff available to meet my needs?

• Is there frequent staff turnover?

• Is some level of nursing care provided (RN, LPN, Nursing

• Assistant)? How often is it available?

• Who will help me with medications if I need it (e.g. reminding me to take them, opening the bottle)?

• Can someone administer medications to me if I can’t take them myself (e.g. applying medication to my skin, putting a pill in my mouth)?

• Can someone help me if I need special care (e.g. caring for a wound)?

• What happens if I have an emergency? Can I get help right away?

• Are staffs suitably dressed, personable, and outgoing?

• Do the staff members treat residents with respect and dignity?

• Do staff members treat each other in a professional manner?

• What language does most of the staff speak?

• What type of help with personal care is available (e.g. bathing, dressing)?

• How flexible is the schedule for receiving help with personal care?

• What, if any, transportation services are available? (e.g. medical appointments, shopping, religious services).

• Will staff arrange for activities (e.g. hair appointment, concert)?

• How does the home support and accommodate personal hobbies?

• Are there regularly planned activities that I will enjoy?

• Will I be able to attend religious services of my choice?

• Can I bring my pet with me when I move?

• When can I have visitors?

• Are there shops, a library, a park, or other amenities within walking distance?

• Is the home close to activities I enjoy?

• Is the home on a bus line?

• Is there an outside area to sit, walk, or garden?

• Are there shops, a library, a park, or other amenities within walking distance?

• Is the home close to activities I enjoy?

• Is the home on a bus line?

• Is there an outside area to sit, walk, or garden?

• Is the floor plan easy to follow?

• Are doorways, hallways, and rooms accommodating to wheelchairs and walkers?

• Are there hand rails to help with walking and in the bathroom?

• Are cupboards and shelves easy to reach?

• Are there nonskid floors and firm carpets to assist walking?

• Does the home have good natural and artificial lighting?

• Is the home clean, free of odors, and well heated and cooled?

• Does the home meet my standards of cleanliness?

• Is the home free from obvious environmental hazards?

• Are the home’s rooms clean, safe, and adequate for my needs?

• Will I have free use of common areas, such as the kitchen, activity rooms, toilet facilities, dining room, or grounds?

• Can I smoke in my room or in common areas?

• What furniture is provided?

• Can I bring along some of my furniture or other personal items?

• Can I adjust the temperature of my room?

• Is there a sit-down shower?

• Can I have my own personal phone line or internet connection?

• Are emergency procedures clearly posted?

• Am I able to lock my room and/or are there locked areas in each room for personal valuables?

• Is the food pleasing, nutritious, adequate, and attractively served?

• What if I don’t like what is being served?

• Can I cook in my room?

• Are snacks available?

• Are there specific meal times or are they flexible?

• Is there a refrigerator available to store my personal food?

• Will the home meet my dietary or cultural food preferences?

• Can I request special foods?

• Do other residents socialize with each other and appear happy and comfortable?

• Do residents speak favorably of the facility?

• Do the residents look like people I want to live with?

• How are room changes and roommate concerns addressed?

• Is there a resident group that meets?

• Do any of the other residents have a history of violent or other problem behaviors? How are these situations handled by staff?



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