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Assignment 1 – Research Proposal

by | May 26

Summative Assignment 1 – Research ProposalGuidance for completing this assignmentYou should write a research proposal on a topic of:Gender roles in the UK todayWhat is a research proposal?A research proposal is a plan of how you intend to carry out research. You will justify yourplans and show that you understand what the potential problems with the research might be.You will not carry out any research; a proposal is just an explanation of how you would dothe research if you were to do so in reality.What is the word limit?The proposal needs to be between 1500 and 1800 words long.How do you write a research proposal?The research proposal is in two parts. Part 1 is an explanation and justification of the choiceof topic, where you will explain why the topic is interesting, important and worth studying.Part 2 is where you will explain which research method/s you would use and why, including aconsideration of the problems and issues which may arise from the research method andtopic.As a research proposal is an explanation of how you intend to carry out research it should bewritten in the first person.What needs to be included in the research proposal and how should it be structured?The research proposal must contain the following information and you can structure yourproposal in the order presented below.Part 1: Choice of Topic

An explanation of why this research topic is socially significant: why wouldresearchers be interested in studying it; what impact the research might have.A brief literature review – a brief summary of what has already been written on this

topic. This summary should have at least one academic reference linked to theresearch topic which can include reading from journals or books and should befirst hand sources as far as possible (i.e. not just a general website summary ofresearch). On-line journals are permitted. These references should be linked to theresearch proposal and help to explain why the topic is socially significant.

A brief discussion of the theoretical framework of your research (i.e. whichsociological theory is most relevant to your research proposal).

Type of assessment
Word count

Research proposal.

Part 2: Choice of Method:An explanation of the reasons for your choice of research method which should include: Why your chosen research method would be appropriate for the research topic.

What type of data you would collect and why you want this type of data.How your chosen theoretical framework fits in with your chosen method and data.When and where you would carry out the research.How many people would you include in your research and why.What practical issues you would have to consider.What ethical issues may arise with your research?

Throughout your entire research proposal you need to be specific and not general. So if youare proposing a questionnaire, be specific on how many questionnaires you would ideallylike to be returned. If you are conducting interviews consider how you would impact theinterview – write your proposal as if you are the researcher – how would your age, gender,nationality affect the interview? Avoid generalisations as much as possible.Conclusion: Your research proposal should finish with a conclusion which should be a briefexplanation of how your research would benefit yourself and society.Supporting Information may be included in an appendix at the end:You may also attach sample interview questions or a sample questionnaire in an appendix atthe end of your proposal. The sample questions do not count in your word count. Providingsome sample questions allows you to demonstrate how the research would actually work inthe real world. So if you are proposing an interview then provide some sample interviewquestions. You do not need to include a full list of possible questions; consider providingapproximately 6-8 questions to sufficiently demonstrate that you know what kind of questionsto ask in an interview to gather the data you require.If you are proposing a questionnaire then please include some sample questions for aquestionnaire and please ensure that you set these questions out to look like a questionnaire– with boxes to tick and lines to write on, just like a real questionnaire.An important point to remember for your whole proposal is that you should think about howthe research would work in real life. So if you propose interviews, consider how manyinterviews could realistically be conducted if you were to do this in the real world.The best research proposals are ones where we think the research could actually work forreal.You should also read the marking rubric for this assignment carefully. The rubric is found atthe end of the assignment task sheet.
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