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articles on effectiveness of online education

by | Mar 26


I am busy writing a paper on Cultural competence in Nursing.
My instructor had the foll. to say: ~~~In your literature review I do not see anything addressing the use of online educationto teach cultural competence. You should include some information about the effectiveness and growth of online learning,(I have already addressed this section ) and anything in the literature that would support its effectiveness in nursing education( I need some help coming uo with some real true example(peer reviewed articles etc here) that would strengthen my paper and syudy.

~All works should be cited and paraphrased as per APA and Turnitin– Make sure that at least 80% of literature cited is from peer-reviewed sources.

maybe real examples of similar interventions, stating that this can work, what the nurses reported etc., pre and post tests? how it affected their delivery of care etc? Thanks


Here are some articles that can help you in your literature review. On the effectiveness of online learning 5 studies that talk about the effectiveness of online learning from elementary to post graduate studies. I thought it was important to point out it is being used ‘effectively’ at all levels. For Online education for nurses, I was able to find 6 good articles on the effectiveness of online education for nurses, even one comparing regular classes to online. For the cultural competence topic, I only found 3 that touched this topic.
Hope this helps you.
Thanks for using BrainMass.

Effectiveness of online learning

Walters, K.(2000). Moving Instruction to the Web: Writing as Multi-Tasking. Technical Communication 47.2 (2000): 258.

“This study evaluates the effectiveness of presenting Web-based assignments within the technical communication service course. Current research on using the World Wide Web … and Internet as a teaching resource investigates online writing courses, Distance Education …, and hypertext authoring. The literature indicates good reasons for moving instruction to the Web, but there is little description of why this migration is needed in terms of the kinds of learning achieved through Web-based writing, nor is there much specific discussion on what type of useful instructional space can be built with the Web. This study is intended to provide support for centering more instruction within the environment of the Web. This article describes a study using a Web site designed for technical communication instruction. It defines the types of learning students experienced when using the site and presents samples of student work representing a wide range of skill development, both traditional and digital, that support moving instruction to the Web in immediately useful ways.”

Tovey, J. (2004). Mediators of the Effectiveness of Online Courses. Technical Communication 51.3 (2004): 452

“A three-year field study of 17 courses, part of an undergraduate degree in Information Systems, compared the process and outcomes of three modes of delivery: totally online via Asynchronous Learning Networks (ALN), traditional face-to-face courses, and sections using a mix of traditional and online activities. There were no significant differences in perceived learning by students associated with mode of delivery. Group collaboration and access–to professors–were perceived to be highest in mixed mode sections, while convenience was rated highest in the distance sections. For online courses, there was generally a significant relationship between the hypothesized mediators (active participation, motivation, collaboration, access to the professor, and convenience) and perceived learning. Overall, the results of this study show that outcomes of online courses improved when professors structured them to support the growth of a learning community, by being available online to interact with students and by using collaborative learning strategies.”

Hash, K. & Tower, Leslie. (2010).The Development and Evaluation of Online Learning Modules to Deliver Lifespan Content in Human Behavior in Social Environment Courses. Journal of Human Behavior in the Social Environment, 20:379-392, 2010

“This article details the development and evaluation of a lifespan development computer modules that were used in human behavior in social environment courses. An anonymous, Web-based survey was developed to evaluate the modules. Supporting the first hypothesis, the majority of students (83.5%) found the modules to be a good learning alternative. The hypotheses that MSW students will experience more barriers to Web-based instruction and that students who previously mastered more content will spend less time on modules than students who previously mastered less content were not supported. Lessons learned provide implications for the use of computer-assisted instruction.

O’Dwyer, L.M., Carey, R., & Kleiman, G.(2007, Spring). A Study of the Effectiveness of the Louisiana Algebra I Online Course. Journal of Research on Technology in Education; Vol. 39 Issue 3, p289-306,

Student enrollment in K-12 online learning programs showed a tenfold expansion in the years between 2002 and 2005. Despite increased implementation to fulfill critical local needs, there is very little evidence-based research available to inform education leaders’ decisions relating to these initiatives. To address the important question of whether online learning can be as effective as traditional face-to-face learning, this research presents the findings from a quasi-experimental design implemented to examine the effect of the Louisiana Algebra I Online initiative on student outcomes. The findings presented suggest that the Louisiana Algebra I Online model is a viable online …

The solution involves a presenting five articles that talk about the effectiveness of online learning from elementary to post graduate studies, 6 articles on the effectiveness of online education for nurses, even one comparing regular classes to online and 3 articles that talk about teaching cultural competence online.



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