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Applying Conflict Competence to an Organizational Change

by | Mar 26

Assignment 2: LASA: Applying Conflict Competence to an Organizational Change

Description of LASA:

In this assignment, you will apply the conflict management theories and techniques at the interpersonal, team, and organizational levels throughout organizational downsizing. Evidence of this application will be to identify, analyze, and synthesize conflict resolution strategies that are grounded in the literature.


You are the operations manager for a medium-sized corporation that has suffered some significant competitive market challenges. Recently, a large contract with one of the company’s main customers was lost to a competitor. Employment levels were established based upon this major contract. The chief financial officer has established a necessary staff reduction of 15% across the board. All levels of employees, including management, will be affected. Since other customers must continue to receive excellent customer service, day-to-day operations must not be affected. The following challenges must be managed effectively so as to minimize disruption in the organization.

Both union and nonunion employees will be affected by the downsizing. Historically, management and union relationships have been strained, but recently, a level of trust between the two groups has begun to develop. Following a period of decline in satisfaction, employee satisfaction surveys among the nonunion employees have indicated an increase in satisfaction. The current executive team believes that maintaining a positive trend in employee satisfaction is critical to the organization’s future success.

Recently, a team-based initiative in operations has started to gain positive ground. The continued success of teams is important to the attainment of organizational goals.

Throughout the planning and implementation of the organizational downsizing, conflict must be effectively managed at all levels of the organization. It will require effective leadership to make informed decisions; positively influence, build, and maintain trusting relationships with all stakeholders; and maintain effective teams while resizing the organization to maintain profitability.


In a 12- to 15-page report:

  1. Search for at least ten articles related to the role of leadership in managing conflict in interpersonal, team, and organizational contexts in times of change, with a particular focus on downsizing.
  2. Analyze the potential external conflicts that may arise among stakeholders that may touch any of the following factors: political, legal, social, cultural, economic, technological, and environmental. Identify the stakeholder group and provide details about the type of conflict the downsizing may have on the group.
  3. Evaluate the role of team leadership and the overall effectiveness of teams in preventing and actively managing conflict.
  4. Assess the importance of maintaining relationships with stakeholders throughout significant organizational change.
  5. Recommend strategies for this organization to take to prevent and actively manage foreseen and unforeseen conflicts among internal and external stakeholders that may negatively affect the organization’s attempt to downsize.

Your paper should be a 12- to 15-page Microsoft Word document using a minimumof ten sources. 



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