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An Essay on Ethical and Legal issues in nursing

by | May 26

T itle of assignment
An Essay on Ethical and Legal issues in nursing
Instructions to Write the Essay
An essay to be written on Ethical and Legal issues in nursing based on the case study given below.  This assessment has a weighting of 40%.
You need to consider:

The legal and ethical concerns that the situation in the scenario raises.
The possible actions or inactions that could be taken and the implications of those actions.
You do not need to provide the ‘right’ answers, what you will be assessed on is your ability to determine the implications of different actions or inactions from a legal and ethical perspective.

Firstly, think of the possible courses of action (or inaction) that could be taken and then consider, do any ethical theories support (or not) the actions that you discuss?

Which ethical principles, doctrines or concepts apply to the actions/inactions put forward and if so, how?
Do any of the ethical principles conflict with each other or with the law?
Which torts or other legal concerns apply to your suggested actions/inactions?

Consider the Code of Conduct, Code of Ethics and RN Standards of Practice (2016), how do they apply to this situation?
On 18th January 2020, Nicole Mary Smith (pseudonym) was admitted to the Emergency department of a private hospital with the chief complaints of abdominal pain, poor appetite, and urinary symptoms. Upon review by the Emergency physician, she was admitted to the surgical ward for further investigations and symptom management. The patient is an 86-year old woman, who lives in an assisted living facility. Her daughter and her grandson live in a nearby suburb and often visit her. During the preceding two weeks, Nicole’s condition has drastically deteriorated. Her daughter appears to be anxious and has narrated her struggle to manage the visits to the hospital and her work and family responsibilities. The visiting Oncologist has refereed Nicole to the palliative care team after the initial diagnosis of metastatic ovarian cancer.
You are the registered nurse looking after Nicole. You entered the room to administer pain relief, the patient’s daughter approaches you and says, “Why do you keep bothering us, do not give her any injections; she is going to die anyway”. She goes on, “I just cannot wait for all of this to be over; I have my own family to look after”. You realize her concerns and try to reassure her. However, you been new to palliative care and are finding the situation challenging.
Write an academic essay on Ethical and legal issues in nursing, specific to the given scenario. Provide supporting evidence to your claims and include recommendations to improve future practice.
General instructions for the assessment

The essay word limit is 2000 (plus or minus 10%). All words are calculated towards the word limit except for the cover page, title page, direct quotes, and end-text references. If you write less or more than this, penalties will apply.
The essay must be presented in accordance with this assessment Guidelines. Students can submit their written paper to Turnitin through Canvas at any time during the course but no later than the assessment submission deadline. Keep your Turnitin receipt as evidence of submission.
The essay will be written in academic essay format with an introduction, body and conclusion.
Students required to use the APA referencing system and select seven to ten refereed articles that provide the strongest evidence for your topic.
All articles must be ≤ 7 years old.
If student wish to apply for an extension, they can apply two days prior to the due date in writing, using the correct IHM form for requesting extensions, stating the grounds for the extension request and any evidence to support the extension (e.g. medical certificate).

Assessment brief
The essay should be structured under the same headings as the marking rubric, please consider both documents carefully as you construct your essay.
Here you will be assessed on your ability to form a logical piece of work that contains an introduction, which should inform the reader of the main content of the essay. The main body of the essay should contain a logical and cohesive development of ideas and your ability to sustain logical arguments.
Application of critical thinking
You will be assessed on your ability to consider the implications of the suggested actions/inactions and the application of theory to practice. You will also be assessed on your ability to support the arguments you put forward with evidence from appropriate literature.
English language proficiency (ELP)
As with all written assessment work that you undertake at IHM, you will be assessed for ELP within this assessment. You should make every effort to ensure that you pay close attention to the construction of sentences, ensuring spelling, grammar and syntax are correct. Poor writing will detract from the content of the essay. If you are unable to articulate the true meaning you are trying to portray you may lose valuable marks. If you are at all concerned about your written work, please see your lecturer.
Writing based on evidence
Assessment is designed to test your ability to synthesise evidence into an original piece of work.
Students are expected to learn and apply the conventions of each document type and to learn and apply the current APA system of referencing and formatting (currently APA version 6). All writing must be based on the best possible evidence, with sources cited in accordance with the APA system. A requirement of all assessment in this course is that you cite references in the APA style. As a rule, whenever you write anything in your assessment you should:
Please refer to this table when you are writing. Note that your own analysis is an opinions need to follow logically from the content and evidence you are discussing.
You can access information about how to format APA citations from:

The APA@IHM (Links to an external site.) guide
The APA Style Manual http://www.apastyle.org/ (Links to an external site.)
Referencing tools such as those built into Ebscohost or Google Scholar. However, these sometimes contain inaccuracies, so please check against one of the first two sources.

There are also detailed examples shown in the IIRP Grad School APA Guidelines, which you can download here: https://onlinelibrary.myihm.com.au/ld.php?content_id=42837864 (Links to an external site.)
All written assignments must be formatted in APA style. According to the APA style manual this means that your assignment must have:

Font: Times New Roman, 12 point.
Page margins: One inch (2.54cm) from top, bottom, left and right side of each page.
Body text line spacing: Double-spaced.
Paragraph indentation: Indent the first line of each paragraph by one-half inch from the left margin. (Use your word processor’s Help feature for instructions on formatting paragraph indentation.)
All text is left-justified, with an unjustified (ragged) right margin.
Do not hyphenate words at the ends of lines.
Use a running head throughout the paper. (If possible, use your word processor’s Header function to place it automatically on every page.) The header should appear one-half inch below the top of the page, flush left, in all capital letters; it is a shortened version of the paper’s title (up to 50 characters, including spaces). The page number appears in the upper right corner.
Student number and date of submission included in footer.
Reference lists have single line spacing with a line break between entries. Each entry has a hanging indent. The font used in reference lists is size 12 times new roman, with italics for book and journal titles in accordance with the APA system.

General presentation of essay
For full details, please refer to the APA guide (APA@IHM (Links to an external site.)). This checklist is a quick way to ensure that the essentials have been implemented.

The paper should be set out in the following order:  Title page (cover page); Main text of the paper; References list (with hanging indents, single line spaced, one line break between entries);  Appendices (if applicable); 

Font: Times New Roman size 12

Margins should one inch (2.54cm) from top, bottom, left and right side of each page. (slight variations on this will not be problematic)

Double line spacing throughout the paper. The reference page: single spaced

If headings are used, they must be consistent throughout the paper according to the American Psychological Association (APA) heading style (see APA@IHM (Links to an external site.) guide).

All pages numbered (numbers in the top right) from the start of the paper

Student number and date of submission included in a header or footer.

All statements that are not common knowledge or opinion based on evidence in accordance with ‘when to cite’ table

All citations in accordance with the APA system (see APA@IHM Guide (Links to an external site.))

The paper has a clear structure in accordance with the conventions of academic writing, with APA headings used to aid navigability

The language used is appropriate to the document type, subject matter and context

Content is relevant to and conforms with assessment instructions

Self-evaluation performed with reference to rubric

 Title page
Your assignment should have a title page formatted like below;
The abbreviated title for the running head continues on each subsequent page, but the words ‘Running head:’ appear before it only on the cover page. Anything within <angle brackets> is to be removed, including the bracket, and replaced with the student’s own content.
You can download an editable template of this title page, combined with some planning of the structure to get you started, by clicking this icon:
Title Page Checklist

Title page information should include student name,  

ID number,

Unit code and title,

Title of assignment (descriptive of content),

Name of Unit Chair or Lecturer,

Due date,

Extension date (if applicable), and

Word count. (The word count does not include headings, title page, references page, reference citations and direct quotes. Penalties apply if >10% over or under the word limit).

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