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ALR704 lifecycle model and media coverage

by | May 26

ALR704This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-NCThe lifecycle model and media coverage


AnnouncementphaseMonitor theinformationfrom the timethe product islaunched.
Number andcontent ofpositive andnegativearticles relatedto the product.
Peak newscoverageMost frequentnumber ofarticles.
Currentarticles relatedto the product.

Monitor the number and content of positive and negativearticles related to the product

(Adapted from Dyer 1993; Hainsworth 1990; Regester and Larkin 2009) 23PressureAn example of how a crisis can develop: Case of Ribena in 2007. Source: Regester & Larkin 2008, p.70DevelopmentCase example: Lance Armstrong1. Consider your approach to collectinginformation2. Search using Newsbank3. What are your search – dates?4. What are your search – keywords?5. Screenshot your results• See slide 5 as an example6. Plot your crisis on a Lifecycle diagram• Use Hainsworth (1990) & Register andLarkin (2008) for a template (see slide 3)• Cite the authors you adapted (see base of slide 3and slide 6)7. Plot your media results in the form of avisibility graph.Image source: Fortheringham 20155“Lance Armstrong”Plus “drug” Plus “doping” Plus “cheat”2013 by month 2012 by monthData retrieved using ‘Newsbank’A lifecycle model of the Lance Armstrong crisis6PressureDevelopmentAdapted from (Hainsworth 1990; Regester & Larkin 2008)Source: (1Tomazeau 2005; 2Stevens 2007; 3Kimmage 2011; 4Slater 2012; 5Williams 2013)

Emerging Development Crisis CurrentJune 2004Armstrongdenies drugtakingclaims1Sept 2006Two of Armstrong’steammates confess toEPO use (in 1999 tour)2Oct 2010Leaked emails from Teammate toofficials claiming Armstrong had beenseen receiving blood transfusions3Jan 2013Armstrong admits (toOprah)52011Armstrongannouncesretirement4

This graph is not to scale; more labelscan be added to present a fuller pictureof the peaks and troughs of this crisis.ReferencesDyer, S. C 1993, ‘Using newsflow analysis to evaluate media coverage’, Public Relations Quarterly, vol. 38, no. 4, pp. 35-39.Dyer, S. C 1996, ‘Descriptive modeling for public relations environmental scanning: a practitioner’s perspective’. Journal ofPublic Relations Research, vol. 8, no. 3, pp. 137-150.Fotheringham, W 2015, ‘Timeline: Lance Armstrong’s journey from deity to disgrace,’ The Guardian, 9 March, retrieved4Febrary 2020, https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2015/mar/09/lance-armstrong-cycling-doping-scandalHainsworth, B.E 1990, ‘The distribution of advantages and disadvantages’, Public Relations Review, vol. 16, no. 1, pp. 33-39.Kimmage, P 2011, ‘DOPING, CHEATING, LYING … VICIOUS CYCLE’, Sunday Telegraph (Sydney, Australia), 13 Feb, p. 086,(online NewsBank).Regester, M & Larkin, J 2008, Risk issues and crisis management in public relations: a casebook of best practice, 4th edn,Kogan Page, London.Slater, J 2012, ‘The greatest (cheat) of them all’, Courier Mail, The (Brisbane, Australia), 12 Oct, p. 022, (onlineNewsBank).STEVENS, M 2007, ‘Cooke undaunted by withdrawal of teammates’, Sunday Herald Sun (Melbourne, Australia), 14 Oct, p.048, (online NewsBank).Tomazeau of Reuters, F 2005, ‘Outraged Armstrong probes legal options’, Sunday Mail, The (Brisbane, Australia), 28 Aug, p.092, (online NewsBank).WILLIAMS, S 2013, ‘Lessons for Brand Armstrong in social media’, Australian, The (Australia), 28 Jan, p. 027, (onlineNewsBank).7
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